The OnePlus 6 will match its Android rivals in one major department

The OnePlus 6 will be the first in the series to offer water resistance, the company overtly teased on Monday.

In its now-customary drip-feeding of features ahead of the official launch, OnePlus hinted users won’t need to put their phone away whenever the heavens open.

“Don’t you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? So do we,” the company said, adding the wink emoji for emphasis.

Previous OnePlus smartphones have displayed limited resistance to water, within unofficial YouTube videos.

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However, the company has yet to advertise it as a feature with the requisite IP rating. Perhaps the second video here will tell you why…

Today’s tweet means the company is probably going to make it official with an IP rating forming part of an already-impressive spec-sheet.

While OnePlus has long been able to compete with its fellow Android flagships in terms of top line specs, the likes of Samsung and co. have retained an advantage when it comes to handing the wet stuff.

It looks like OnePlus is about to erase that advantage, offering water resistance, without sacrificing the 3.5mm audio jack.

Whether the company will even the score on the wireless charging front, as some OnePlus 6 rumours have suggested, remains to be seen.

Earlier today we saw the first photos from the OnePlus 6 camera, courtesy of the company’s founder Pete Lau. The photos look great, but we’ll be waiting until we go hands on before making an official assessment.

Is water resistance the final piece of the puzzle that’ll push you towards a OnePlus phone? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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