The Original Write & Reuse Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare – Available in 11 Colors

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1 size fits all. Each package includes 4 labels and one dry erase marker. Doodle bands are offered in a Multi-pack (one of each color, blue, pink, orange and purple). Write, wash and rewrite on the labels as often as you like. The writing stays on until you are ready to wash off with soap, water and a sponge. DOODLE BANDS ARE GREAT FOR DAYCARE. BPA Free, Dishwasher and Microwave safe! SUPER STRECHY to wrap around most size drinks: water bottles, cans, sippy cups, juice boxes, baby food jars, medela breast feeding bottles, sports drinks, drinking glasses, swell bottles, Yeti cups and of course baby bottles! Great for when you are required to label bottles with the name, date and contents of the bottle to avoid mix-ups at school. DOODLE BANDS were created to eliminate annoying sticky labels, masking tape, and permanent marker on bottles and cups, allowing bottles and cups to be written on again and again! These labels help to prevent the spread of germs and know that YOUR CUP IS YOUR CUP! USE DOODLE BANDS anywhere: school, daycare, football, baseball, cheer, camp, parties, gym, work, picnics, tailgates, on food containers and at home. **Fully Patented Product** ***Does NOT fit Dr. Brown 4 oz. bottles***Each set of daycare bottle labels includes 4 high quality bottle band and one free dry erase marker
Super strechy to fit around all baby bottles and adds a grippy texture which is great for babies learning to hold their own bottle. DOES NOT FIT DR BROWNS 4 OZ BOTTLE.
Made from high quality food grade silicone. These will last for years and do not deteriorate with use.
BPA free. Waterproof, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.
Easy to use. Write on the label, let it dry and wash with soap and water and reuse!


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