The Samsung Galaxy S10 could steal one of Huawei’s killer features

One of the most bonkers features in recent memory, reverse wireless charging, could be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 when the prestige smartphone releases later this year.

Reverse wireless charging essentially means the phone can be used to charge other wireless charging devices by putting them on the device’s back.

It’s not as straight-up science fiction as it sounds, and Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro already has a version of the wireless charging, although our mobile editor Max Parker said it was more of a gimmick.

“It’s a neat trick, although in use it’s more a gimmick,” Parker said. “I left an iPhone XS Max on top of the Mate 20 Pro for 30 minutes and received a mere 5% charge back. The feature is likely to be more useful for charging smaller items such as headphones and other wearables.”

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In honesty, gimmick sounds about right for the tech, although we probably won’t get a full look at what the Samsung Galaxy S10 has going on at Samsung’s February 20th event, where the device is rumoured to be unveiled.

With what we already know, the slippery glass back of the phone, and the low power output of a phone kicking out charge to another phone makes it seem like a poor idea for serious charging, but it’s part of the march of technology and after several iterations it could well be a fantastic choice for charging up your gadgets on the move, or giving your friends a little juice if their phone runs out in the pub.

Obviously, this will do a number on your own battery, but it’s very altruistic. Good job.

The feature, rumoured to be called Powershare, will come to the full range of Galaxy S10 phones.

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