The Spheres of the Christian Angelic Hierarchy

There are more things in heaven and earth than you know.

Angels are mysterious beings of spiritual substance, divine creatures which go out into our world to do the bidding of God, protecting us, making war on the enemies of God, and bringing messages from heaven to earth. Their comings and goings are mostly unknown to us, but a few individuals, throughout history, have possessed the insight to discern their organization and inner workings.

Pseudo-Dionysius, a Christian philosopher of the late fifth century CE, drew on passages from the New Testament, as well as other possible sources of supernatural knowledge, to put forth an angelic hierarchy in his book, “De Coelesti Hierarchia”. Organizing this hierarchy into three main Spheres, with each Sphere containing three “Choirs,” Pseudo-Dionysius created a heavenly hierarchy that is still studied and cited to this day. In short, the first Sphere of angels commune directly with God, seeing and adoring Him directly, and communicating His will to those angels closer to man’s affairs. The second Sphere of angels manages the affairs of the lower angels, and the third Sphere directly interacts with man and the material universe.

Journey with us as we study these Spheres, and discover the 9 kinds of angels in the angelic hierarchy.

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