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An overview of primary professions and new recipes in Battle for Azeroth as of 8.0.1 Build 25902.

Note: This is a very early preview of new Profession items available in Battle for Azeroth. Stats and tooltips on wowdb are currently broken and many items have missing names (PH).

Prefession skill points will be squished in Battle for Azeroth to 100 (8.0 Tailoring). The initial Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1 Build 25902 does not contain any changes to gathering or secondary professions for the time being.


New flasks have been added to the game: Agi Flask (NEEDS NAME), Int Flask (NEEDS NAME), Sta Flask (NEEDS NAME), Str Flask (NEEDS NAME).

New potions: Steelskin Elixir, Elixir of Replenishment, Elixir of Noxious Touch, Bonus Ranged Combat Potion (NEEDS NAME), Coastal Healing Potion, Coastal Mana Potion, Coastal Rejuvenation Potion, Demitri’s Draught of Illusions, Lightfoot Potion, Sea Mist Potion, Potion of Concealment.

New Alchemy stones are available: Alchemist Tincture – Melee (NEEDS NAME), Alchemist Stone (NEEDS NAME), Alchemist Tincture – Caster (NEEDS NAME), Alchemist Tincture – Melee (NEEDS NAME), Alchemist Stone (NEEDS NAME).

Silus’ Sphere of Transmutation – the sphere can be used to transmute into another object for 1 hour and at the same time it allows players to interact with various cauldrons on Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

New transmutations without cooldowns: Transmute: Herbs to Ore, Transmute: Herbs to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Herbs, Transmute: Ore to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Gems, Transmute: Cloth to Skins.

New transmutations with a cooldown of 7 days: Transmute: Meat to Pet, Transmute: Fish to Gems, Transmute: Rare Material, Transmute: Uncommon Material.


Ocho Hoofplates [PH] is used to increase speed while mounted in Kul Tiras and Zandalar by 20% for 2 hours. The effect’s duration is quadrupled for blacksmiths.

Ocho Stirrups [PH] allows interaction with objects while mounted for 2 hours.

Khaz’gorian Hammer allows the user to instantly repair all equipment. The item is on a 60 minute cooldown and when crafting blacksmithing armor or weapons, there’s a chance they will roll with the “Indestructible” property (no need for repairs).

Aside from that, blacksmiths will be able to craft weapons and gear: Max-level Aegis, Max-level 1H Axe, Max-level 1H Mace, Max-level 2H Sword, Max-level Dagger, Max-level Polearm, Max-level Pants, Max-level Waist.


At this time, there are no amulet enchants and it seems we’ll only be enchanting rings.

Glove enchants that increase the speed of gathering are nothing new, but what’s interesting is that we’ll also get faster crafting (Ocho Crafting) and hearthing (Ocho Hearthing).

Weapons can be enchanted to proc additional heals/attacks, reduce threat or increase leech: bonus healing, threat reduction, leech, spell attack proc, melee attack proc.


Engineers can craft guns: Max-level Gun (NEEDS NAME).

Bombs that damage, polymorph, petrify and root enemies have been added: F.R.I.E.D., Thermo-Accelerated Plague Spreader, Bomb – Ice Stun (NEEDS NAME), Bomb – Petrify (NEEDS NAME), Bomb – Polymorph (NEEDS NAME), Bomb – AoE Root (NEEDS NAME), Bomb – Sleep (NEEDS NAME).

Electroshock Mount Motivator increases your mount’s speed.

The effect of XA-1000 Surface Skimmer is unknown at the moment.

Interdemensional Companion Repository can be used to summon a stable master for 2 minutes.

Engineers can craft a portable transmog pad for 2 minutes: Portable Transmog Pad (NEEDS NAME).

Goblin Hovercraft (NEEDS NAME) is a new mount that costs Monalite Ore to craft.


Codex of the Quiet Mind // Tome of the Quiet Mind are used to adjust talents.

Scribes can craft Off-Hands: Inscription Off-hand – Caster – Max-level (NEEDS NAME), Inscription Off-hand – Healer – Max-level (NEEDS NAME).

New Darkmoon Cards have been added: Darkmoon Card of War.

Scribes will still provide Vantus Runes for Battle for Azeroth raids: Vantus Rune: 8.0 Raid (NEEDS NAME).

Contracts are new items crafted by scribes that allow players to gain reputation with BfA factions every time they complete a world quest on Kul Tiras and Zandalar: Contract: House Proudmoore, Contract: House Waycrest, Contract: House Stormsong, Contract: Zandalari, Contract: Nazmir Expedition, Contract: Vulpera, Contract: Tortollan, Contract: Voice of Azeroth.


We noticed an interesting red gem that grants +5% experience (Cut Red Gem – XP)

Jewelcrafters can craft staves: Jewelcrafting Staff – AGI – Max-level (NEEDS NAME), Jewelcrafting Staff – INT – Max-level (NEEDS NAME) and rings: Jewelcrafting – CRI Ring – Max level (NEEDS NAME), Jewelcrafting – HAS Ring – Max level (NEEDS NAME), Jewelcrafting – MAS Ring – Max level (NEEDS NAME), Jewelcrafting – VER Ring – Max level (NEEDS NAME).

New epic gems have been added that empower primary attributes: Cut STR Gem, Cut INT Gem, Cut AGI Gem.

Rare gems empower secondary attributes: Cut Blue Gem – VER, Cut Orange Gem – CRIT, Cut Purple Gem – MAS, Cut Yellow Gem – HAS.


Leatherworkers can craft bows and fist weapons: Max Level Bow (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Fist – AGI (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Fist – INT (NEEDS NAME) as well as boots / pants: Max Level Boots (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Boots (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Pants (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Pants (NEEDS NAME).

Leather Barding (NEEDS NAME) is a new item that prevents players from being dazed while mounted in Kul Tiras and Zandalar for two hours. Duration is quadrupled for players trained in Leatherworking.

Drums are back in BfA: Drum (NEEDS NAME).

Leatherworkers can also craft scuba helms / suits that grant waterbreathing and increase swim speed: Scuba Suit (NEEDS NAME), Scuba Helm (NEEDS NAME).


New cloaks with interesting effects can be crafted by tailors (camouflage, fall damage reduction, threat reduction): Max Level Cloak – Camoflage (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Cloak – Threat Reduction (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Cloak – Fall Damage Reduction (NEEDS NAME).

Recipes for gloves & pants have been added: Max Level Hands (NEEDS NAME), Max Level Legs (NEEDS NAME).

Patterns for 30/32 slot bags are in: Cloth Bag – 30 Slot (NEEDS NAME), Cloth Bag – 32 Slot (NEEDS NAME).

Battle Flags: Battle Flag – CC Reduction (NEEDS NAME), Battle Flag – Damage Reduction (NEEDS NAME), Battle Flag – Mount Speed (NEEDS NAME).

Tailors can create a new pet: Pet – Hot Air Balloon (NEEDS NAME)

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