These 6 Common Habits Are Destroying Your Life

Every nation, people and culture has certain tendencies that they tend to share. It might be foods that most people enjoy or sports that everyone follows. There are also habits that people in society tend to share with others from their culture. Sometimes those habits are healthy ones such as a tendency to bike to work rather than drive or a cultural preference for vegetables or outdoor activity. Other times, those habits are unhealthy, and the consequences of them plague the entire society. When that happens, people may not even realize that they are practicing terribly unhealthy habits because everyone around them is engaged in similar activity. Just because something is common, popular or accepted, however, does not mean that it is a good idea. Regardless of how many people share a habit, it can still be extremely unhealthy and one that you need to break. Smoking, after all, was once overwhelmingly common. That did not stop it from giving people lung cancer and destroying their bodies. The same sort of situation continues to exist today with popular habits that do serious damage to people. Here are six common habits that are destroying your life, and how to break them.

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