These End-Of-The-Year Tweets From Teachers Thankful For Summer Are Comedic Gold

If you are a teacher, or know someone who is, you understand that those summers off are earned.

On top of trying to cram lessons into their charges’ tiny heads, teachers also moonlight as disciplinarians, coaches, counselors, ringleaders — you name it. When the bell rings at the end of the day, they might be free from kids, but they often spend their off-hours planning lessons, grading papers, buying supplies, and more. And they do all this while trying not to get sick from, let’s be honest, spending their days amidst tiny germ factories.

So you can’t blame our nation’s educators for being just as excited as their students when summer finally rolls around. And because teachers are just like us, they express that excitement in tweets.

To celebrate summer, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest 280-or-fewer-character reactions to summer vacation from the men and women in charge of educating your children.

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