This Gender Reveal Escape Room Party Is Pretty Epic

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Escape rooms are becoming ever-popular forms of recreation for adults across the country.

Contrary to what the name suggests, an escape room isn’t some kind of horror movie scenario in which you have to fight for your life and free yourself from a nightmare chamber (though those exist too, if you’re into that kind of thing). Instead, it’s an immersive game of strategy during which players have to solve physical and brain- busting puzzles and riddles in order to unlock doors and reveal hidden secrets. They’re fun!

That said, they can still be fairly stressful. We imagine that stress and sense of urgency must be compounded when the hidden secret you’re working to suss out is the gender of your unborn baby!

Such was the case for the couple in this episode of Oh, Baby, who, with the help of family and friends, turned their own home into an escape room to stage an epic gender reveal party that got all the guests involved in the fun.

Wearing pink or blue Mardi Gras bead-like necklaces in order to indicate whether they’re Team Boy or Team Girl (i.e., what gender they’re guessing the baby will be), expectant couple Charlotte and Cedric and their loved ones put together puzzles and crack clues, all leading up to the big reveal.

Check out the video below to watch it all go down, and subscribe to Oh, Baby on Facebook to check out more inventive gender reveals.


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