Today in Nazjatar and Mechagon for August 10 – Fungarian Furor, Ominous Looking Tome

Comment by Dinousek

on 2019-08-10T10:33:50-05:00

Grants a whopping 150 experience, not whooping. ud83dude00

Comment by mssylv

on 2019-08-10T11:03:46-05:00

LOL its the same typo that has been there from Day One on that item. 😀

Comment by Eighjan

on 2019-08-10T11:07:05-05:00

Today’s items on Mrrl are Severely Rusted Lockbox and the Secret Item is Ominous Looking Tome, which turns into Naga Deployment Orders – This item grants a whooping 150 experience all your Nazjatar Bodyguards!r
Not in EU (-WM) – we have Waterlogged Toolbox & Sinister Pile of Sand

Comment by Zanthraxis

on 2019-08-10T11:07:34-05:00

My realm (Turalyon- US) is showing a Sinister Pile of Sand instead of the Tome

Comment by Peredhil

on 2019-08-10T11:10:18-05:00

EU WM off has the tome.

Comment by Tellaria

on 2019-08-10T11:20:54-05:00

Waterlogged Toolbox and Sinister Pile of Sand on Exodar US (WM Off)…didn’t even notice till I’d already purchased them using Weak Auras :/

Comment by AzraelUltima

on 2019-08-10T11:23:46-05:00

EU WM off has the tome.r
Not for everybody, it doesn’t.

Comment by RoseNoel01

on 2019-08-10T11:44:38-05:00

US Hellscream has the Waterlogged Toolbox and the Sinister Pile of Sand

Comment by ak404

on 2019-08-10T11:59:19-05:00

Can confirm. It’s the Pile of Sand, which made me a bit sad.

Comment by Sarthorius

on 2019-08-10T12:05:29-05:00

Horde wm off has tome herer
Ally wm off has pile of sand, same server on both.

Comment by Gwiez

on 2019-08-10T12:16:47-05:00

Grants a whopping 150 experience, not whooping. ud83dude00r
I think it’s a different dialects thing.

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