Today in Nazjatar and Mechagon for June 27th, 2019 – 9 Mechagon Dailies in NA

Comment by Skyrei

on 2019-06-27T20:39:15-05:00

I can’t say if its fixed or i was fortunate but as of a couple hours ago I killed only had to kill it once, no problems with credit.

Comment by akaRaven

on 2019-06-27T21:05:35-05:00

Those coords for the requisition are wrong, they are all wrong. The items are 100% random in certain sections of the map so there is no coords. I went to the one at 57 57 and instead of the fallen kelp I found one still attached to the rock.

Comment by lovs2build

on 2019-06-27T21:16:14-05:00

I appreciate you posting these but why so late? I mean dailies reset 12 hours ago. Am I missing something here with wq’s?

Comment by mysticalos

on 2019-06-27T21:37:29-05:00

Theh coords are to general common areas for them. and I have found i can consistently find certain types in certain regions of map. Don’t take the coordinates so literally.

Comment by mysticalos

on 2019-06-27T21:45:16-05:00

BTW, the buff on charging station was like 10 min for people who did not help build it, and 2 hours only if you contributed to it’s construction.

Comment by lovs2build

on 2019-06-27T21:47:18-05:00

Fallen kelp, there is lots around 38,66

Comment by Gogeta1990

on 2019-06-27T21:51:21-05:00

Am I just being stupid and not finding it or is there no EU version of these posts?

Comment by altieri43

on 2019-06-27T22:10:27-05:00

love these posts

Comment by Gart

on 2019-06-27T22:13:11-05:00

This would be helpful information but it comes really late with daily reset being 12 hours ago.

Comment by Kamiferno

on 2019-06-27T22:27:11-05:00

I appreciate you posting these but why so late? I mean dailies reset 12 hours ago. Am I missing something here with wq’s?r
Its the first few days, I imagine we’re still trying to find out how to do each daily easily.

Comment by Wanderingfox

on 2019-06-27T22:31:00-05:00

Nothing is at half of these co-ords in mechagon…The Family Jewels and Go For The Gold don’t seem to be active…

Comment by H3adCracker

on 2019-06-27T23:46:43-05:00

Why don’t we also get this kind of post for eu also ?

Comment by RoseNoel01

on 2019-06-27T23:57:49-05:00

This is excellent. Thank you!

Comment by Jerry235

on 2019-06-27T23:59:30-05:00

thanks for these posts!

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