ToysOpoly Pet Playpen 45″ Exercise Puppy Pen Kennel – Best for Dogs and Cats Safe in Their Play-pen While Protecting The Little Kids – Folding Design Easy Storage (Pink)

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QUESTION 1: Is the space ok or too small for a pinscher to be all day long? I have to bring her to work, so she doesn´t stay alone.
ANSWER: You can leave favorite pet inside the whole day. Just leave a bed + some toys are you will be good.

QUESTION 2: I have 2 Yorkie puppies who will each be about 5 lbs. Is there enough room for both or should I get a larger playpen?
ANSWER: Depends. If they are in there to sleep and play there is enough time, but if you would like to include the food bowls and water, It will be OK. I have a 10 pound Yorkie and I make it her home away from home apartment when we are out of town (with bedding, toys, food, water). All in all I really love how transportable it is.

QUESTION 3: Is the playpen washable? I have an aging dog who is peeing a lot more frequently and I am sure she will have an accident in the pen.
ANSWER: YES, this play tent can be washable. It’s quite big for washing machine, however, you can use water spray.

QUESTION 4: How can I make the playpen stay at one place?
ANSWER: There are 4 stainless steel anchor that came with this set. You can use them to secure the tent.

QUESTION 5: I have an 11 lb dog- will there be enough room? Can she knock it over?
ANSWER: We have 11 lb dog active dogs, and she can’t get out. It’s perfect for her.

QUESTION 6: The door/flap in the front, is it lockable?
ANSWER: Top and Doors are zipable. Those zipper are made with the highest quality. It’s almost impossible for dog/cat to get out! We can guarantee it.

QUESTION 6: I am looking to take in two kittens, will this work for them? I have school so I cannot be home with them all the time?
ANSWER: This is very large, we are sure it can fit more than 3 cats.

**Limited Quantity!** This complete bundle includes: 1 tent + 1 zipper top with sunscreen protection + 1 zipper bottom and 4 stainless steel anchors.
YOUR PETS SECOND HOME – Your pets will fall in love with this large, spacious tent! They will grow accustomed to it and even treat it as their second home! You can really personalize your pets tents by adding in blankets, comforters, and chew toys!
INNOVATIVE OPEN MESH DESIGN – Open mesh material allows for your pet to receive maximum airflow at all times while keeping bugs out! Innovative two door design allows for your pets to enter and exit the tent with ease! Each door can also be easily zipped up if necessary, which is ideal for bringing your pets along to camping trips!
LARGE, SPACIOUS DIMENSIONS – Approximately 45 in diameter and 24 in height! Very spacious! Allows for even the largest house pet to go in and out of the tent comfortably with plenty of room to maneuver around in! For smaller pets, you can fill up the tent with things your pets will enjoy having in their homes!
DURABLE, WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION – Made out of durable, waterproof, heavy duty material! Extremely Durable and Lightweight! Top quality zippers ensure that your pets will be safe and secure! Durable fabric ensure that your pet will not be able to accidentally rip or break through the tent!


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