Transmog Updates and Nazjatar Armor Sets in Rise of Azshara

Comment by DasGokuguy

on 2019-06-09T12:30:14-05:00

The weapon models in this expansion have been truly terrible compared to cata, mists, wod, and especially artifacts. The main thing thats exciting to see is the new warglaive models but thats because theres less a dozen of them to choose from at the moment

Comment by Excelion

on 2019-06-09T12:30:28-05:00

Muted color palette again on Nazjatar armor and weapons. Heritage armor is nice though.

I still think the muted palette is an intentional art decision for BFA as they’re going full on MoP-like vivid with Dragon Isles. As seen from the concept art and descriptions from Blizzard artists on Artstation, BFA was intended to be darker artwise in the planning stages, but it was scaled back a bit. Still some residual dark theme-y artistic vision. I can dig up the Artstation posts if anyone’s interested.

Comment by Dedricus

on 2019-06-09T12:30:55-05:00

I love that they’ve only let one alliance race have body art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to hide some pieces of gear, but it’s really frustrating to size up how much better off horde has, and will continue, to be.

Comment by Eluvia

on 2019-06-09T12:33:49-05:00

My Gnome hunter will need that zapper, LOVE it!

Comment by selkie47

on 2019-06-09T12:35:43-05:00

Interesting fist weaponr
Too bad druids who want to continue using skins that don’t look like nasty offspecs won’t be able to use them… blizzard…. -.-

Comment by kovu401

on 2019-06-09T12:43:19-05:00

Not being able to hide pants sucks, yo.

Comment by Hawkeye1836

on 2019-06-09T13:00:20-05:00

Don’t forget Demon Hunter tattoos! I was bummed to see that Bliz stopped making alt leather chest models for DH like they did in legion. (I mean, I understand that would be a lot more work, but I was still bummed)r
But now that’s taken care of!

Comment by Ahndrumon

on 2019-06-09T13:02:04-05:00

Truly hideous armor, especially the mail.

Comment by Deihjan

on 2019-06-09T13:03:05-05:00

I’m surprised it took them this long to implement the ability to hide more armour slots.r
But why not pants though?r
There are lewder pants models than the underwear designs for all of the races.r
Now I just need better pants models..

Comment by dkcm

on 2019-06-09T13:04:54-05:00

With the option to hide more armor, I hope at some point (probably naively…) that they add tattoos as an option for all races. My little gnomes would like some mechanical body art pls.

Comment by Veriun

on 2019-06-09T13:09:29-05:00

Grass is always greener buddy. Have you taken a good look on how terrible the Nightborne look? Suddenly the whole roster of alliance AR sucks because they don’t have tattoos, woe is me!

Comment by Broatmeal

on 2019-06-09T13:12:16-05:00

This all feels so lazy. Brutal that we have to wait for such simple models.

Comment by TheDarkAeonAnima

on 2019-06-09T13:12:20-05:00

Speaking of tattoos, I’d really love the option to have glowing bone tattoos like Bwonsamdi has. But maybe only for Trolls/Zandalari Trolls

Comment by Warstain

on 2019-06-09T13:12:59-05:00

Loving the vibe of these armor sets! Definitely makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Can’t wait for the AEP armor and weapons to come out now.

Comment by CookieJar

on 2019-06-09T13:22:08-05:00

I really like all this. But I feel like they could’ve done so much cooler things with the armor, it is really nice but it doesn’t look incredibly cool or something. It’s just plain colors. And as a cloth wearer, I’m once again sad they made cloth wearers wear kilts once more. Why not pants for once? I also feel like they could’ve added armors fitting with Mechagon. (or they might’ve already, but they haven’t been datamined yet?).

Comment by Schikatu

on 2019-06-09T13:26:11-05:00

Not a big fan of the weapons and some of the sets but that clothe set looks insane, also I never thought we’d see the day of more customization in transmog, now all they need to do is scrap the “only holiday items during holidays” and transmog would be almost perfect.

Comment by Romanthony

on 2019-06-09T13:35:20-05:00

Mail set the worse by far ill never use that set.

Comment by Dedreen

on 2019-06-09T13:42:22-05:00

Must say that those Benthic items, look nice for a someone that role-plays undead drowner 😛 It gives some potential for stuff like that.

Comment by Ahdee

on 2019-06-09T13:48:55-05:00

We’ll get mechanical weapons. Yeay! I hope we’ll get a backpack transmog (instead of capes and mantles) to suit the Mechagon theme.

Comment by holverson

on 2019-06-09T13:53:33-05:00

I love that they’ve only let one alliance race have body art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to hide some pieces of gear, but it’s really frustrating to size up how much better off horde has, and will continue, to be.r
Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves, Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, and Mag’har Orcs all have tattoos. That 2 Alliance and 3 Horde, which I think is close enough to fair. r
Also, when judging whether Horde or Alliance is better, don’t forget about the Pyramid of Frustration vs. Borulas. Horde definitely did not come out on top there.

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