Travel Through Time With The First Trailer For 7th Dragon III: Code VFD


Sega America released a trailer for the next chapter in the 7th Dragon franchise today. The video, which features massive dragons battling against time-traveling plucky anime protagonists, shows off some of the RPG’s combat and cutscenes.

Despite the somewhat confusing naming conventions, 7th Dragon III: Code VFD is actually the fourth chapter in the 7th Dragon series, but Sega says the story holds up on its own – which is good, considering Code VFD will be the first time the series is released outside of Japan. 

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7th Dragon III: Code VFD takes place in the year 2100. Players team up with a fictional video game developer called Nodens Enterprises in order to take down the titular seventh dragon overlord. 

The game is set for a summer release on the 3DS. At last year’s TGS, Kim named the 3DS RPG as one of the titles she most wanted to see localized. 

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