Tru Niagen – How To Increase NAD Levels for Cellular Health

This is a sponsored post for Chromadex, but opinions and results are my own.

For years I’ve been living in a perpetual state of diminishing energy. By the time early afternoon arrives, my energy is flagging, and I feel like the best of me is used up for the day. So, I take a nap. Every day. I always get my work done, but I know I could be doing twice as much if my brain and energy levels were operating at full speed.

Then I saw an interview with Kym Douglas, who’s been sharing her beauty tips and secrets on television for years. When she was asked what she’s noticed as she’s aging she responded, “I
think the day I turned 40 it was like a light switch turned off.”

Kym was talking about me!

So, I listened up to see what she was doing about it, and she mentioned a supplement called TRU NIAGEN ® and how much she loves it. She said it gets her on her game again.

And I thought to myself… I have got to try that too. And so I am.

Tru Niagen

The key ingredient is NIAGEN ®, a unique form of vitamin B3 that increases NAD levels. NAD, a coenzyme critical to continued healthy cell function, helps regulate circadian rhythm and
increase cellular energy production. And, NAD levels decrease as we age.

Bingo! It has my name all over it, right?

Tru Niagen

Aging has enormous impact on overall health, and “stressors” like lack of sleep, sun exposure, overeating, alcohol consumption and jet lag can beat down your cellular metabolism and health,
lowering your levels of NAD.

So, I’ve been taking two capsules each morning for the last three weeks and I realized it must have started working. All of a sudden I found that I was waking up with all cylinders running
instead of just a few. I’ve been focusing on projects for hours instead of minutes, I power right through the afternoon with no need for a nap. I feel like I’ve throttled the aging process, and I’m so fired up with renewed energy. Mentally, I haven’t felt this great in years!

Full steam ahead!

I can’t control the ticking of time. But since anti-aging starts from within, taking control of my health at the cellular level is the best gift I can give to my future health. Maintaining my youthful
spirit and vitality with Tru Niagen is the cutting-edge way to age, and it’s the best investment I could ever make.

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