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A detailed overview of the Battle for Lordaeron scenario coming in Battle for Azeroth.

Battle for Lordaeron is available for testing on Battle for Azeroth Alpha and we’re looking at both sides of the conflict in our preview!

Battle for Lordaeron is a scenario that will be available in the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch. It serves as a prelude to WoW’s next expansion. The attack on Lordaeron takes place after the Horde allegedly burned down Teldrassil. 



The Alliance scenario starts with Anduin in Stormwind.

You talk to Captain Angelica to queue up for the Battle for Lordaeron scenario. The first objective is to follow General Hammond Clay to Brill and charge the battlefield with Genn Greymane.

You arrive at Brill and Genn gives a speech about the Horde cowardly burning down Teldrassil.

The next objective is to defend Alliance Siege Towers.

The Horde now attacks you with their azerite war machine and your goal is to destroy it. After that, the Horde will start attacking Alliance forces with blight. The objective is to defend King Anduin and evacuate the wounded. Sylvanas begins raising the bodies of Alliance corpses as soldiers.

Running with Anduin protects you from the blight. Wounded Soldiers have a drop-shaped health indicator icon above their heads. The Alliance forces find themselves outnumbered…

There’s a missing cutscene with Jaina arriving to aid the Alliance in battle.

Jaina creates ice barriers to hold off Horde soldiers, but there’s no time to lose!

It’s time to infiltrate the keep with Anduin, but Windseeker Durja blocks your way. She will cast cyclones to delay your advance.

The next phase begins once you defeat Durja and her Darkspear Trolls.

Assaulting Lordaeron City won’t be easy! You suddently cross paths with Nathanos Blightcaller and his giant army. Jaina even suggests teleporting everyone to safety.

Alleria arrives to aid the Alliance with her Void Elf army and Mekkatorque.

Mekkatorque provides the Alliance forces with Flametron 5000 machines. Players use them to defeat the Horde forces. After this stage is done, it’s time to find Sylvanas. Her forces are retreating and blight is blocking the path to keep up with her.

Fortunately, Mekkatorque has some gyrocopters to get you past the blight barrier.

You use the gyrocopter to pursue Sylvanas and confront High Overlord Saurfang.

The Alliance captures him and Horde players save Saurfang later in a separate scenario.

Upon entering the throne room, there’s a cutscene. 

Wowhead suggests that there will be a cutscene depicting Sylvanas waiting for Anduin’s arrival. He gives her a chance to surrender, but she blows up the entire city instead.

Battle for Lordaeron Video Preview [Alliance PoV]


It all starts with Sylvanas giving you orders to report to Isabella in Orgrimmar. 

Talking to her will queue you up for the scenario. The first objective is to find Saurfang.

You’ll notice a bunch of sneaky SI:7 Operatives have infiltrated the Magic Quarter and in order to secure the Mage District, they must be eradicated. Next, you’ll follow Saurfang to the Heart of the City.

The next step is to evacuate the remainder of Undercity.

In this stage, you will continue killing Alliance Druids of the Claw to fill the bar to 100% and talk to Undercity members to evacuate them. Next, you must take the portal to meet with Sylvanas Windrunner.

Using the portal will teleport you to the keep.

You will follow Saurfang to the battle and break the Alliance frontline. Sylvanas prepares the azerite war machine and you must defeat three waves of attackers.

Wave #1

Wave #2

Wave #3

After all three waves have been defeated, you will use blight on Alliance forces to drive them away. You can talk to the Sludge Guard and select if you only want a gask mask or a blight canister on top of that.

You will spread blight and heal Wounded Horde Soldiers that have been infected with blight. Their current health is indicated with a drop-shaped icon above their heads.

Before you complete this stage of the scenario, you’ll see the following broadcast text:

There’s a placeholder cinematic that has not been implemented yet after this stage, but it probably depicts Jaina’s arrival.

You learn that the Alliance have breached the wall and must follow Nathanos to the keep. High Overlord Saurfang is missing at this point when you regroup with your forces.

Nathanos tells Baine to cover the warchief.

You meet up with Lor’themar.

Now you must intercept the Alliance.

Alleria suddently joins the fight with her army of Void Elves and Mekkatorque, as portals begin to open.

The next objective is to defeat King Anduin Wrynn and his allies.

Unfortunately, the Horde must retreat yet again and follow Nathanos to the courtyard.

You find High Overlord Saurfang kneelling in the courtyard and he has quite an interesting conversation with Sylvanas.

Saurfang’s son died at the Wrathgate back in Wrath of the Lich King and the Lich King raised his corpse to fight for him. He’s a boss in Icecrown Citadel called Deathbringer Saurfang.

Saurgang is left behind and gets captured by the Alliance. In another Horde scenario, players help free him, as he’s being held captured in the Stockades.

As soon as you enter the Throne Room, there’s another cutscene playing. Wowhead suggests that there will be a cutscene depicting Sylvanas waiting for Anduin’s arrival. He gives her a chance to surrender, but she blows up the entire city instead.

Battle for Lordaeron Video Preview [Horde PoV]

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