Unborn Baby’s Heart Is Outside Of Body And Doctor Is Baffled When She’s Pulled From Womb Crying

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In June 2017, Dean Wilkins and Naomi Findlay learned they were expecting their first child. Nine weeks later, an ultrasound showed the shocking truth about the baby girl inside Naomi’s growing belly.

Baby Vanellope had an extremely rare condition in which her heart and stomach were growing outside of her body.

Doctors told the devastated couple their baby would likely pass away.

But Dean and Naomi refused to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, they decided to give their daughter the best chance of survival.

Still, Naomi prepared herself for the worst. She even brought a tiny outfit to the hospital in case Vanellope died.

On November 22, Vanellope Hope Wilkins was born several weeks premature via c-section. Everyone in the room waited with baited breath.

And then… they heard a cry.

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