Unisex Linen Wrapped Baby Memory Book Journal With Monthly Stickers & Card – Baby Shower Gift or Scrapbook Keepsake

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Nora’s Nursery is proud to offer this modern unisex journal wrapped in linen with book sleeve, matching 12 Months Milestone Stickers + 4 Bonus Milestones and Congratulations Card!!

Complete List of Pages Included

Inside Cover – Welcome Baby

1 & 2 – Baby on Board (Prgnancy Photos)

3 & 4 – Love at First Sight (Newborn Photos)

5 – Little Parts (Foot and Hand Prints)

6 – Your Birth Sory (birth or adoption process)

7 – Home Sweet Home (first day home details and photos)

8 – Your Nursery (Nursery Photos)

9 & 10 – Your Family Tree (blank spaces to customize to your family)

11 & 12 – The World Around Me (include details of the world)

13 – 25 – Just Born – 12 Months (details and photos to track the first year)

26 – Growing (growth chart to track the growth over the first few years)

27 – 30 – Firsts (capture all the first milestone pictures here)

31 – First Tooth (capture the first tooth with photos)

32 – First Scribble (blank page to capture the first drawing)

33 & 34 – First Haircut (include photos and an envelope for the first locks)

35 – 38 – First Holidays (Capture all the holidays that are important to your family)

39 & 40 – First Vacation (All the first vacation details and photos)

41 – 45 – First to Fifth Birthdays (details and photos for each birthday)

46 – First Day of School (space for the first day of school)

47 – A Letter From Us (a blank lined sheet for the parents to write a letter)

48 – Adventure Awaits (include some of your favorite photos as your child gets older)

49 – 58 – Extra Blank Pages (9 blank photo and 1 lined page for additional photos)

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MEMORABLE & UNIQUE GIFT – Do you have a baby shower coming up and you’re scrambling to find a last minute gift? Not this time! Be proud to give this milestone journal to the new parents as a truly unique keepsake that they will display for years to come.
MODERN DESIGN – Wrapped in a high quality grey linen sleeve embossed with silver leafing this milestone book is so stylish you won’t want to hide this book away in a drawer or stuffed in a storage box to be forgotten. For extra durability and style, we’ve protected the book with a matching hard cover grey linen sleeve to preserve the look of your keepsake from finger prints and smudges.
GENDER-NEUTRAL- A timeless and sophisticated book with a neutral palate and modern design that carries through to the interior of the book with pages filled with gender-neutral illustrations.
BONUS ITEMS- Monthly Stickers: To help capture your baby’s growth over the first year we’ve included our most popular, unisex monthly baby stickers with 4 bonus milestone moments. Congratulations Card: we’ve included a modern, black and white congratulations card with our book. It matches in style and makes one less thing to have to think about when preparing your gift.
EASY TO COMPLETE- We know that finding the time and energy to fill in a baby book can be challenging, as parents ourselves, we have considered everything you would want to treasure in this book with the perfect balance between text and photos.