Updated Creature Models in the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Expansion Patch

The Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch updates many well-loved, but low-resolution, models such as prairie dogs, cats, many hunter pet tames, and horses. In this post, we’re highlighting all the notable updated models, as well as links to open them in Wowhead’s model viewer.

Baby Turtle

This model can be seen on Battle Pets like Turquoise Turtle and Speedy.


Bears in Battle for Azeroth, including Druid Bear Form and bear-themed mounts, have received updates to their stand, walk, and run animations! These include: Guardian Druid Artifact Forms, Amani Battle Bear, Reins of the White Polar Bear, Vicious War Bear, Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Big Blizzard Bear.

Check out the updated animations on one Guardian Artifact Form below:

Bone Spider

This model is used for Battle Pets like Giant Bone Spider as well as some Spider Hunter Pets.


This model can be seen on Battle Pets like .


Our furry friends are not only getting updated models, but also new body types! There is a house full of cats in Boralus in Battle for Azeroth.




Cat Form

Druid cat form animations are also receiving updates to running and walking.


Popular pets like the Westfall Chicken are receiving updates.


In addition to crabs across Azeroth, including battle pets and Hunter tames, new hermit crab models are on the way. There are also armored crabs as Honor level 400 rewards – and .
hermit crab is also a variation of crab, tamable in BFA

Dark Hound

One Dark Hound variant is used as the starting Dark Iron Dwarf Hunter Pet.


Diemetradon are most-commonly found in Un’Goro and Shadowmoon Valley.


A variety of elements have received updates, both for NPCs around the world and also for player pets.

Fire Elemental

Earth Elemental

Water Elemental

Faceless Ones


Giant Spider

This is part of the Spider Hunter Pet family.


This not only affects basic gorillas but also the mechanical A-Me 02.


There are dozens of horses, check out our Horse Show Blog for a full list!

Human Female Kid

Human Male Kid


Hyenas are a Hunter Pet family, with some notable ones in Uldum and more on the way in BFA in Vol’dun.


These model updates can be seen on grubs, plentiful in Eastern Kingdoms, and battle pets like Mr. Grubbs.

Lava Tarantula

This type of spider is part of the Spider Hunter Pet family.

Mine Spider

This type of bug is part of the Spider Hunter Pet family.


This model update can be seen on pets like Mr. Wiggles.

Prairie Dog

One of the lowest-resolution models in WoW, the Prairie Dog finally gets an update! This is visible on critters like Brown Prairie Dog.


Numerous quillboar in the dungeons Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul, including Charlga Razorflank, are updated.


Ravens are part of the Carrion Bird Hunter Pet family.


Silithid Scarab

Scarabs are part of the Beetle Hunter Pet family.


Tarantula are part of the Spider Hunter Pet family.

Thunder Lizard

Thunder Lizards are part of the Scalehide Hunter Pet family.


Vultures are part of the Carrion Bird Hunter Pet family.

Wind Serpent

Wind Serpents are a type of Hunter Pet.


Zombies can be found in instances like the The Culling of Stratholme.

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