Updated High-Definition Creature Models in Battle for Azeroth

Comment by Faoil

on 2018-01-28T20:17:14-06:00

I hope gnollsget included in this. They ugly. And boars. And some of wolves in elwynn.

Comment by ZulGazarg

on 2018-01-28T20:17:24-06:00

Perculia, I know this is a weird place to ask you this, but I have noticed since Blizzcon that the Zandalari are as short as humans. I wondered, on your end with access to the data, is that accurate? Are they truly shorter and smaller than a hunched over Darkspear?

Comment by Tirathon

on 2018-01-28T20:17:24-06:00

great changes, levelling in old zones would def feel a lot better. but im gonna miss those old models for sure

Comment by midder

on 2018-01-28T20:18:38-06:00

Wow! I’m so excited to see more new models. #BfAHype

Comment by lonesamurai1

on 2018-01-28T20:21:54-06:00

Holy hell that Zombie update :O

Comment by seiretsym

on 2018-01-28T20:28:15-06:00

Wow! These are looking fantastic. So excited for the updated models to be in-game!
One note, though: That raven model is not new to BfA. It came out with Legion, so it’s been in the game a while already.

Comment by SeiklisGrock

on 2018-01-28T20:29:08-06:00

Hat vs Barnaby 2 looks promising

Comment by Macamirunni

on 2018-01-28T20:29:40-06:00

I hope gnolls get included in this.

Me too. If something equally as old as the gnolls, like the troggs and quilboar get new models, than gnolls should definitely also get new models. They appear more often, anyway.

I do love that we are finally getting new quilboar models, though. I love those guys.

Comment by trib22

on 2018-01-28T20:30:23-06:00

Check out the zombie chicken. That thing is terrifying.

Comment by GordonBuchat

on 2018-01-28T20:31:05-06:00

Two…no….three questions:

1) What gym are those horses going to?

2) Zombies?

3) Does this mean there will be buff zombie horses in BfA?

Comment by Weper

on 2018-01-28T20:32:00-06:00

Hopefully they update the Furbolg models too.

Comment by Habu64

on 2018-01-28T20:33:18-06:00

Mechanical chicken FTW! Always hated the look of OOX-…

Comment by Caerule

on 2018-01-28T20:33:27-06:00

I’m missing Gnolls, Dragons and I suppose the greater cats.

But it is great to see all these other updates!

Comment by jblosun

on 2018-01-28T20:38:31-06:00

Awesome. Those frogs! And I never even realized wind serpents were supposed to have feathers.

Comment by MaximusPM

on 2018-01-28T20:42:08-06:00

I hope they replace the older models, ’cause Blizzard loves keeping them and having both in the game.

What’s the deal with the raven, though? Wasn’t it updated for Legion?

Comment by mentalundead

on 2018-01-28T20:44:34-06:00

beautiful! now give undeads pink hair long straight,hehe

Comment by lovelywaz

on 2018-01-28T20:46:55-06:00

Baby Turtle and Serpents :+))

Comment by wowveins

on 2018-01-28T20:50:07-06:00

Uhm some models like the cat, chicken and pig looks like Apple’s animoji… yikes.. The old pig model was cuter… why oh why…

Will druids ravenform/flight form(which in the BfA classchanges will be a separate skill) look like that too? It will be nice if it did.

Can druid please have that vulture and gorilla look maybe by glyphs. 🙂

Comment by elvis3162005

on 2018-01-28T20:51:30-06:00

I hope they update the old racial mounts too. Having an updated Nightsaber would make me use them again.

Comment by sinangelus

on 2018-01-28T20:51:49-06:00

I love the frog and hamster update, these critters were so blocky as if they came from a game not 13, but 20 years old. When I saw Blizzard updating models for squirrels, rabbits, bears and bear cubs, wolves and other creatures I was really wondering why didn’t they include the worst offenders, was it because some creatures are more common in the world than the others? I always thought the Tauren racial pet you can buy in Thunderbluff is the worst of the worst on the “low quality outdated model” list. Our little friend squarehead is finally getting what he deserves.

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