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We recently saw the third Vault Hunter at E3 where Gearbox showed off the Gunner, Moze and her lovely friend the Iron Bear mech! She’s possibly the most interesting of the Vault Hunter’s we’ve seen so far (and possibly more than Flak, who we haven’t), due to the nature of her action skill, the summoned Iron Bear mech. We’re going to be taking a look at all of her skill trees, action skills and more in detail in this preview. So far it seems Moze is the most group-centered of the classes, with many skills that affect the party and her mech even being able to carry another player!

Let’s just start with some TLDR highlights of the class, with various interesting features taken from all the skill trees:

Summon mech and immediately jump in, selecting 2 of 6 different weapons

Railguns, miniguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, powered fists, each with their own set of augments

Mech punch pulls enemies to you, punches as long as you hold down the mouse

Mech stays out after you exit, attacking and eventually suicide charging enemies and exploding

Manable turret for co-op partners

Grenade focus for Moze, crits with grenades, grenades in fight for your life mode, higher capacity, regeneration

Ammo regeneration

Sprint and shoot at the same time

Party buffs

Stepping aside from Moze for a second, we also had a pretty awesome new trailer for the game showcased at E3, so let’s take a look:

As already mentioned, Moze’s action skill is summoning the Iron Bear mech which she immediately hops into. The entire class is based around the mech and her three skill trees revolve around different weapons for it. The mech also has fuel that is consumed when moving and firing weapons and it’s duration ends when you spend all the fuel (although you can end it before that to get some cooldown back). Each tree has various buffs for moze herself but the main focus is the mech’s two “hardpoints” aka his two arms where you can mount different weapons. Each tree has two weapons you can place there, and you can double up on them too – each tree gives you access to two of these weapons: railgun + bear fist, minigun + flamethrower, grenade launcher + rocket launcher. The other new feature in BL3 is augments to actions skills and in Moze’s case that comes in the form of modifiers to her mech’s weapons, giving them more fuel efficiency or changing the elemental damage type of the weapon and a lot more.

Now, you can have any combination of these weapons, including two miniguns, but using weapons from different trees will make you less efficient. You can always invest in non-mech skills so you don’t lose out though, but that seems like a bit of a waste. Very early on it won’t really matter which weapons you use on the mech as you won’t have that many augments and skills that enhance them, so you’ll be able to experiment, but in the mid to late game you’ll want to pick a tree so you can get the full benefits of your chosen tree. We don’t really know how many skillpoints we’ll have at the end (there are 50 levels total, but we don’t know if there will be additional skillpoints to be gained elsewhere – probably not), so it’s possible that endgame builds will be combining trees and weapons/augments from those trees as well.

But let’s get into the actual skill trees themselves, shall we (we won’t be covering ALL the skills, or very specific numbers, just the more interesting and thematic ones – if you want a complete overview of absolutely everything, head to the bottom of the article).

Shield of Retribution
Shield related skills for Moze and mech, party buffs, railgun and bear fist on mech

Both the mech and Moze get skills that add or interact with shields in some way.

Moze: remove health to increase shields for Moze; 40% shields back the first time it’s depleted after a full recharge; shield regeneration on critical kills; increased gun damage and reduced incoming dmg while shields are up; increased shield capacity and reduced shock dmg; reduced recharge delay + increased rate; stacking extra shield on kill (and gun damage).

Mech: gets a 20% shield that regenerates normally; activating the mech starts regening everyone’s shields at an increased rate.

Then we have some party buffs: when Moze reloads she takes a little damage and gives fire damage to her and party members; when killing an enemy Moze’s fire rate is reduced, but gun damage is increased for her and allies.

And finally there’s the weapon augments, which you can have one of for each weapon slot/hardpoint.
Augments, railgun: deals fire damage and uses more fuel; chains damage to additional enemies; has reduced fuel drain, extra magazine size and shots explode after a short time.
Augments, bear fist: deals splash elemental damage; pulls enemies to mech; has rapid fire, punches as long as you hold + reduced fuel drain.

Bottomless Mags
Co-op player turret, ammo regen, fuel efficiency, minigun and flamethrower on mech

The minigun has an overheat gauge which causes it to cease functioning if it overheats and the flamethrower has infinite ammo but consumes additional fuel. This one has the turret on the mech that another player can hop on to for safety and for some bullet spraying action as well! It also has the most interesting skill so far, in terms of systems at least, with one that increases magazine size for Moze and reduces heat for the minigun for each piece of gear Moze has equipped from the same manufacturer. So if you’re sporting 4 Jakobs guns and an Anshin grenade mod and shield, you’ll be getting a lot of bonuses there.

Moze: both Moze and the mech can have bullets that don’t spend ammo and deal additional fire damage; ammo regeneration after each crit; sprint and shoot at the same time; infinite ammo for 5 secs after exiting mech (remember you can exit the mech before it’s run out, not sure if it works with rocket launchers); more gun damage as the magazine is lower; constant ammo regeneration for currently equipped weapon.

Mech: adds a manned turret to the back of the mech (for co-op players); increased damage when equipping two of the same weapon.

Augments, minigun: more damage as it fires longer, can be fired longer; cryo damage, reduced damage, fuel and heat consumption; explosive rounds with splash damage, reduced fire rate.
Augments, flamethrower: less fuel consumption, increased move speed after damaging enemy; corrosive damage, “Melt” damage increased (not sure what that is); fires 3 shot burst, first shot leaves fire puddle.

Demolition Woman
Splash damage, grenades, longer lasting and faster CD for mech, grenade and rocket launcher on mech

The rocket launcher is pretty random by default, with it’s missiles just flying around all over the place before it gets augmented, so it’s a weird one, but very visually impressive.

Moze: chance to double size of splash damage; splash damage can return ammo and grenades; critical hits for grenades; increased grenade carry capacity; restore health for every enemy hit with a  grenade; splash damage reduces mech cooldown; whenever Moze deals gun damage there’s a chance of an additional explosion with splash damage.

Mech: less fuel consumption for weapons + fuel regen when killing enemy; reduce mech cooldown when killing enemy; more mech health and fuel; grenades in fight for your life mode, if you revive you get a grenade back.

Augments, grenade launcher: direct hits deal more damage; every 7th grenade is a singularity grenade (pulls everyone to it); 5 round burst and increased reload speed.

Augments, rocket launcher: 6 homing rockets with increased reload speed; reduced damage and 6 rocket spread, but debuffs enemy to receive more damage from every source; fires 1 big nuke dealing increased radiation damage.


For a much more detailed look into ALL of Moze’s skills, check out this video that goes over all of them:

And there you have it, Moze is the third revealed Vault Hunter, with Zane and Amara before her and Flak coming a bit later. I hope this overview was helpful, but do let me know how to improve the format in the future and especially if I missed something about Moze that’s interesting. Obviously if you’re not familiar with the Borderlands games this preview may have been a bit too in-depth, but we’ll have a full summary of all of Borderlands 3’s new features soon(ish), as it’s taking a bit longer to cover and new info is constantly released.

We take a look at possibly the most interesting class in BL3, with plenty of group potential.

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