Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover with Built In Burp Cloth for Breastfeeding Infants | FREE Matching Pouch | Peekaboo Opening for Baby Eye Contact | Cover Ups Newborn and Mother for Privacy

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2017 National Parenting Product Awards Winner!


Providing a comfortable environment for your baby to breastfeed is essential in getting a good latch. The Patent Pending Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover with Built In Burp Cloth is designed to give mothers and newborns the best environment possible. The light-weight, 100% cotton fabric is breathable so nursing doesn’t get too hot.

A soft, absorbent towel extends the bottom length of the nursing cover to provide a generous sized burping cloth after feeding. In addition, the weight of the towel helps hold the bottom of the nursing cover down so it does not fly up in public.

The rigid neckline allows mothers to quickly and easily see how their little one is doing. When breastfeeding in public this is especially helpful because mothers will not need to remove the breastfeeding cover, but simply look down at their newborn.


  • Unlike metal d-rings, our non-slip neck clasp won’t loosen around your neck while nursing.
  • The extra large burping cloth helps mothers burp their baby during and after breast feeding.
  • The burp cloth fabric adds weight to the bottom of the nursing cover to prevent it from blowing up in the wind.
  • The rigid neckline helps mothers maintain eye contact with their baby while breast feeding.
  • 100% cotton fabric is breathable and safe on your baby’s skin.


At Kids N’ Such, we support breastfeeding mothers and if you don’t think this is the best nursing cover for you then let us know. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives each nursing mother the peace of mind knowing she will end up with the perfect nursing cover- no matter what!

PATENT PENDING- AN EXTRA LARGE BURP CLOTH IS SEWN into each Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover and allows mothers to easily transition from feeding to burping on your shoulder in just seconds.
100% BREATHABLE, BABY SAFE cotton allows mothers and babies to stay cool while nursing / breastfeeding.
THE RIGID NECKLINE ALLOWS MOTHERS to maintain eye contact with their newborn and ensure a good latch during breast feeding or even while your baby naps.
EACH BREAST FEEDING COVER IS EXTRA WIDE so it provides as much modesty as possible, which gives mothers peace of mind and your baby a soothing environment.
THE FREE CARRYING POUCH (a $9.98 value for free!) perfectly matches your nursing cover and other Kids N’ Such accessories.