Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover with Sewn In Burp Cloth for Breastfeeding Infants & FREE Matching Pouch- Best Apron Cover Up for Breast Feeding Babies | Covers Up Newborns in Public | Patent Pending

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Unlike other nursing covers, the Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover is made with the bond between mother and child in mind.

The neckline is made with a flexible bow that allows mothers to maintain eye contact with their baby while breastfeeding. Mothers also enjoy the extra wide coverage that will maintain their modesty and will give their little one a safe, comfortable place to nurse peacefully.

100% breathable cotton is used to make nursing as comfortable as possible for both Mom and Baby. Warm summer days are no longer a concern for the super mom who looks to breastfeed while sitting on the patio for brunch with her other mommy friends.

Furthermore, the adjustable neck strap can be shortened and lengthened to accomodate any mother’s needs. This allows for the Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover to be perfectly positioned so mothers can always see their little one; regardless of whether they’re focused on maintaining eye contact or even out eating lunch themselves!


Perhaps the most coveted feature of the Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover is the Patent Pending burp cloth that is sewn into the bottom portion. Mothers can go from breast feeding to burping in one easy motion.

The other benefit of having the burp cloth sewn onto the Nursing Cover is that it adds just enough extra weight to the bottom so it doesn’t fly up while nursing. To make things even better, the Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover can simply be thrown into the washer and tumble dried on low to make regular washings fast and easy.

At Kids N’ Such, we truly hope you enjoy using your new Nursing Cover as much as we’ve enjoyed learning all of the best ways to make one.

With Love,
Kids N’ Such❤ A PATENT PENDING EXTRA LARGE BURP CLOTH IS SEWN into each Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover that allows mothers to easily transition from feeding to burping on top of your shoulder in just seconds.
❤ 2017 National Parenting Product Award Winner made with 100% BREATHABLE, BABY SAFE cotton that allows mothers and babies to stay cool while breastfeeding.
❤ THE RIGID NECKLINE ALLOWS MOTHERS to maintain eye contact with their newborn and ensure a good latch during breast feeding or even while your baby naps.
❤ EACH BREAST FEEDING COVER IS EXTRA WIDE providing modesty, which gives mothers peace of mind and your baby a soothing environment.
❤ THE FREE CARRYING POUCH (a $9.98 value) perfectly matches your nursing cover and can be used to hold anything from diapers to nursing pads and of course your nursing cover!