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Visions of N’Zoth marks the return of Assaults, but this time, it gets better. Blizzard’s using old zones and makes mobs scale to max level, and on top of that, they’re using technology from Mechagon and Nazjatar to make the new feature more dynamic.

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We visited the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria on 8.3 PTR. The location of Assaults will be marked with an icon on the world map and when you enter a zone that is currently under assault, there’s a border of the area and objectives that need to be completed in order to successfully drive the enemy forces away.

The main Assault objective “Assault: The Warring Clans” rewarded Leather Grips of item level 410 and 70 Gold.

You can interact with various game objects and complete quests to bring the bar all the way to 100%.

The quests are marked as blue exclamation marks on the map and reward War Resources.

An Assault is finished when you bring the bar to 100% and claim your rewards. The objectives are dynamic so long as you remain within the marked area. We had to extinguish fire and free petrified warriors.

The Assaults themselves are going to vary too. While Pandaria was attacked by the Mogu, Uldum was attacked by N’Zoth’s forces.

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