Warcraft Logs Launches Raiding Character Profiles

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To get started, simply type in the name of your character in the search box on Warcraft Logs. You’ll be taken to a page with lots of important raid and character information, useful for finding logs and recruiting players!

You’ll find your overall performance ranking across each raid difficulty, and your highest ranking for each boss kill for Damage Done, Healing Done, and Damage Done to Bosses. Clicking on each boss takes you to an advanced view for your character’s raid parses.

The Warcraft Logs Profile page also provides details on your character’s gear and talents, with some additional info that goes beyond the armory:

  • Artifacts: The gear section displays your full artifact trait path and exact relics.
  • Off-specs: Look up your all your offspec talent and gear setups by clicking the spec selector next to the character portrait.
  • Recent Activity: Browse and filter your recent gear acquisitions, boss kills, and completed achievements.

Clicking on any of the gear, talent, or achievement links will take you to our page on Wowhead, whether you’d like to read comments about a topic, open an item in the modelviewer, or navigate to a related guide.

As part of helping Warcraft Logs set Profiles up, we have also added a new “Transmogrified to” option to Wowhead tooltips. Using transmog=#####, you can add pink text to Wowhead tooltips showing what an item’s appearance has been changed to. We have more tooltip customization options, all listed on our Tooltip Help Page.


If you’d like to learn more about other features, we have a Beginner’s Guide to Warcraft Logs.

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