WATCH: Bill Maher Explains Why Every Time Bernie Sanders Talks, A Republican Head Explodes (VIDEO)

Bill Maher took some time out of his show to explain to us why Republicans hate Bernie Sanders so much. During a segment on Real Time, Bill showed video comparisons of what Bernie actually said, then showed another video explaining what Republicans actually heard. When you see this, it really will start making a lot of sense.

We all know Republicans have a very severe case of selective hearing already; when you say background check, they hear gun grabbing black helicopter kill squad. Bernie somehow has made this condition far worse.

Judging by the reactions of people like Trump, in a next-day commentary he made about how crazy and wild Bernie was during the debate, I would call this new misinterpretive hearing disease a pandemic among the GOP.

Watch this freakin hilarious clip from Real Time with Bill Maher showing Bernie speaking, then showing what Republicans hear him saying below:

Featured image via screen capture

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    • John Cross

      Wow! Get a life dude. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. When Reagan and Bush spent TRILLIONS giving money to the ultra-rich, money which they then sent to China and Russia, you, like the moron you were, were like a puppy dog wigging his tail as your master starves you. THEY RIPPED YOU OFF. But you love them for it, right? They destroy our educational system, lower our standard of living, and have done everything in their power to make our country weaker, but your and other t-monkeys continue to support them like traitors.

    • Tj Sanchez

      i stop reading when you said liberals would be speechless LOL wow, not only i find your comment trashy but also find it that you are an idiot. LOL fact is get a life and stop drinking that tea flavor kool-aid. Oops, did i say that? LOL

    • Tom Trapper

      My God,you are a moron…no offense…you write long and obviously somewhat thought out

      ideas,but they sound as if Limbaugh was your coach.Do some friggin research man,itll help…quit watching fox….and what you state are nowhere near facts…

    • captcorajus .

      Ha ha ha ha!!!! Projecting much? Its hilarious how your total argument is utter hogwash. You have no clue how economics works, you have no clue how a social structure works, and then, you do what all right wing nut jobs do, you then completely and utterly LIE about what the liberal position is.

      TRILLIONS! WE DONT HAVE THAT MONEY. Lie. Sanders plan pays for itself. Its quite clear that you either read the Wall Street Journal article and never looked further… or better yet, you probably got your information second hand from Briebart. Either way, youre utterly and completely clueless here.

      Everyone knows this is true. A simple, mathematically undeniable point. Utter and complete nonsense. You fail math. Sorry. In fact your entire diatribe is an utter fail.

      Please, who is your candidate??? Im dying to hear you say it… Carson or Trump? ROFLMA.