Watch Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The Immigration Debate (VIDEO)

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If you have never seen Jimmy Fallons slow jam the news routine on The Tonight Show, you must go to bed too early. On December 2, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who has done the segment with Fallon before, made a repeat appearance to help slow jam the immigration debate.

Fallon opens the segment by mentioning President Obamas executive action on immigration, and saying that Republicans are trying to figure out how to respond. He says he was going to make a joke about the story, but he decided that it needed to be slow jammed. Brian Williams joins Fallon on stage, and says to the audience, in his best newsman voice:

Hello, Im Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News, and, ladies and gentlemen I, too, wish to slow jam this news.

Williams kicks off the jam by summarizing the presidents announcement about his plan for dealing with immigration. Fallon punctuates it, Awwww, yeah. President Obamas taking a hard stance on immigration.

The backing vocalist sings, Theyre lining up to get inside the USA, just like it was a K-Mart, on Black Friday.

Williams explains how the president felt he had to do something, since Republicans in congress had failed to act on immigration. Fallon replies, Take it from my man Breezy Weezy. Obamas been waiting for congress to make the first move, so he can whip out his John Hancock, and sign a bill. But, so far theyve done nothing, so hes just been sitting around the White House, with his Bic in his hand.

The jokes and double entendres are funny enough, but watching Williams over Fallons shoulder, as he reacts to Fallons comments, is priceless. Williams even gets into the singing at one point: My prez Obama dont want none until you pass bills, hon!

If you only have time to watch one video today, make sure its this one. Heres the clip, courtesy of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon:

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