Watch Jon Stewart Brilliantly Call Out Judith Miller On Helping With Iraq Lies

Its a great travesty that Jon Stewart will be leaving us soon, forcing us to watch a marginally talented guy who has barely even lived here long enough to make a coherent Bush joke. Call it a far-fetched fantasy, but there would be no greater final guest for the Daily Show than George Bush. If theres anyone with the quickness and encyclopedic knowledge of history and current events to legitimately make Bush sweat like a suspected terrorist about to get waterboarded, its Jon freaking Stewart.

But George Bush would sooner pay a visit to Switzerland than stop by Daily Show headquarters following his blistering interview of Judith Miller. As you know, Judith Miller is the ex-New York Times reporter notorious for being a blind cheerleader for the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

I believe you helped the administration take us to, like, the most devastating mistake in foreign policy that weve made in, like, 100 years. (Mediaite)

Bam, right in the kisser! Give this man Meet the Press…like now! But always being able to quickly revert from informative journalist to a silly but respectful wisenheimer, Jon followed up in that facetious way that only Jon can.

But you seem lovely. (Mediaite)

Watch the entire exchange below:

H/T: Mediaite|Featured image via The Wrap

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  • Paul

    way to spam this sh1tty quality video with advertisements. a$$holes.

  • irrefudiate

    Whether the claims are accurate that Miller was merely Cheneys stenographer, is unimportant, Cheney had scads of people to use if he needed them. The more telling information comes from Bush insiders who reveal that some sort of Iraq thing was going to happen regardless of contemporary circumstances.

    In 2002, Chalabi [the Iraqi politician and oil minister
    who the Bush Administration favored to lead Iraq after the war] joined
    the annual summer retreat of the American Enterprise Institute near
    Vail, Colorado. He and Cheney spent long hours together, contemplating
    the possibilities of a Western-oriented Iraq: an additional source of oil, an alternative to U.S. dependency on an unstable-looking Saudi Arabia.__David Frum_Newsweek

    • Georgann Putintsev

      Unstable-looking Saudia Arabia ? Meaning Saudi Arabia is WELL past their Peak Oil period. Anyone wonder about Saudis expansion into Yeman? A hunting they will go, a hunting they will go … and so slavery never ends. And being that the Bushes are so tight with the Saudi Royals (kisses), and the Kuwait elite, it makes you think more about the INSIDE games being played and are playing out now.

  • olinross

    Why did they take the video down…..????????????????????????

  • Linda Martin

    I bet the New York Times got their panties in a wad and they had to take it down. But…what about the program? So, what gives with the video?

  • Charlie3

    If you have On Demand on you cable service or can go to Comedy Centrals site the episode is still up. Stewart was amazing!! He knew his facts, hed read the book and he showed an amazing amount of restraint. As I said, you can still find that episode on Comedy Centrals site. There might even be some parts that were edited out.

  • William Patrick Bower

    Stewart has not done anything brilliantly. Hes never had a real thought of his own.

    • Mary Harris

      Id like to see you debate him.

      • William Patrick Bower

        Hes never debated anything. Hes a name caller.

  • Richard Sweeney

    lol They even took my comment down. yahoo must be owned by Republicans. How sad.