Weekly Brawl – Lost Cavern: July 12th


This week’s brawl is Lost Cavern. It comes with the usual ARAM rules and you will win the game by destroying the enemy Core. Play 3 games to earn a Mecha Chest and keep in mind that Sgt. Hammer has been disabled in ARAM in the latest patch!

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This week’s brawl is Lost Cavern! It’s all-out mayhem on our single-lane battleground – Lost Cavern. Queue up, choose your Hero, and try to best to bring down the enemy Core!



  • Shuffle pick – Choose from one of three Heroes before entering the battle.
  • Standard play – no talent or level restrictions.
  • The first team to destroy the enemy Core wins!


  • Complete three matches of Lost Cavern to earn a Loot Chest!

Find out more about the Heroes Brawl game mode on our Heroes Brawl site; and as always, you can find more information on this week’s Brawl by clicking the Brawl Info button at the bottom of the play screen when preparing to queue for the Brawl game mode.

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