Weekly Collection Update: Feb 27


Sylvanas, Rehgar and Uther are on sale next week. Check out the full list of featured items added in next week’s Collection Update!

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Weekly Collection Update: Feb 27 – Mar 6, 2018

Our next Collection Update will begin on Tuesday, February 27! Check out the list of featured items and Hero discounts below. 

Upcoming Hero Sales

  • Sylvanas — Sale Price: 312 Gems
  • Rehgar — Sale Price: 312 Gems
  • Uther — Sale Price: 250 Gems 

The following Skins and Mounts will enter the Featured Item Rotation, and will be unlockable using Gems until next week’s Collection Update:

Upcoming Featured Skins

  • Ash Primal Queen Kerrigan 
  • Crimson Storm Wolf Rehgar 
  • Night Explorer Li Li 
  • Hyper Turbo Tracer 
  • AzGul’dan 
  • Viridian Super Sonya 
  • Spectre Thunder Guard Zarya 
  • Wild Raven Sylvanas 
  • Cobalt Cyb’arak Anub’arak 
  • Blazing Lil’ Ragnaros 

Upcoming Featured Mounts

  • Tan Horse 
  • Cloud Serpent 
  • Hunter Space Lord’s Starbreaker

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