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Rack your brains and jump into the ring to solve some riddles! Find the answer fast enough and you might be able to grab yourself some Nexomania loot boxes!

As most of you already know, the Nexomania event is well underway with the introduction of reworks for Lunara and Diablo, as well as heaps of new skins to earn. With so many new additions, it can be tough to collect all the ones you want, right?

We’re giving our users a chance to win 5 Nexomania Loot Boxes (you can check out some of the skins in them here), but there’s a catch. In typical Royal Rumble fashion, there can only be one winner, so make sure you get yourself into the ring. Once the rumble begins, you can discuss and team up if you wish, but at the end, there will only be one left standing. Every piece of information you choose to share (or not share) might be the difference between the next person jumping ahead and grabbing the prize before you.

So, without further ado. Let’s get ready to rumble!

How do I enter?

We have created two riddles for you to solve, each of which points to a hero that is currently present in the Nexus. To win, you need to solve the riddles and then match the answer to the code assigned to that hero. Easy enough, right?

That’s what we thought, too, so we made it a bit harder. Every hero has been assigned a random code, with only one of them being a “winning” choice. The first riddle will give you the first 20 letters and numbers of the code. The problem is, the winning code has to be a 21 character entry.

The second riddle will give you the last character of the code, so you’ll need to make sure you solve both to be able to win! Once you have done so, you can enter the first 20 characters given by the first riddle, followed by the last character from the second.

An example using the codes that are listed below, would be as follows:

If you are unsure of where to enter the code if you think you have won, you can do it in your Battle.net client. Simply select Heroes of the Storm, then click “Redeem a Code”, located above the news reel for the game.


The rules are as follows:

You may comment, discuss and communicate as you wish, but keep in mind that helping anyone else to solve a riddle might let them get the code ahead of you. Do this at your own risk.

The contest is a purely first come, first served basis. If someone solves the riddles before you, they will claim the code before you.

There is only one winning combination.

If you do manage to claim the code, make sure to let us know via private message. Do not spoil the activity of solving the riddles for those that do not wish to have it spoiled.

There is no time limit on this contest. It will end as soon as someone claims the code.

The Riddles

The riddles to be solved and the codes accompanying them are as follows:

Once you have solved this riddle, you should match your answer to the codes in the spoiler box below, before moving on to the second riddle:

The second riddle is:

Once you have solved this riddle, you should match your answer to the codes in the spoiler box below:

Good luck everyone!

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