Weekly Collection Update: May 15 – News


Diablo will be reworked soon and Blizzard released a new spotlight with an overview of what’s changing for the Lord of Terror.

The refinements add depth and complexity to Diablo’s gameplay, all maximizing the bonuses that skilled players can reap from mastering his abilities.

Rework Highlights

Fire Stomp (W) – is now a cone-shaped skill shot, giving players more control over when and how it’s used. On the return to him, his flames will deal triple the damage. Diablo heals for a percentage of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes.

Shadow Charge (Q) – Diablo can now see pathing indicators around him, allowing players to nail the perfect Shadow Charge. The spell also increases Diablo’s Movement Speed instead of adding Armor.

Diablo has two new talents at Level 4. They provide different ways to increase the number of Souls he gathers:

Sacrificial Soul (Q) – Shadow Charge grants Souls and Armor.

Stunning a Hero with Shadow Charge grants 5 Souls and 15 Armor for 4 seconds. While at 100 Souls, increase this Armor to 30.

Souls to the Flame (W) – Fire Stomp grants Souls and heals more.

Fire Stomp grants 1 Soul every 3 times it damages an enemy Hero, and heals for an additional 1.25% of its damage dealt per Soul.

Eternal Flames (new talent?) allow Shadow Charge and Overpower’s stun to reset Fire Stomp.

The Lord of Terror is about to become even more terrifying! We’re implementing a series of significant talent and gameplay updates for Diablo with our next Heroes of the Storm patch. Watch this spotlight video to catch the highlights and a get a few tips.

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