WGGE HDMI Cable 2.0 High speed, Nylon braiding, HDMI(19 PIN made by copper wire), Gold metal connectors, Support 4k2K 1080p 3D TV, Ethernet, Home theater, HDTV, PS3,PS4, XBOX and set-top boxes (10ft)

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W&G Global Electronics Inc. mainly produce Test lead with Alligator Clips, HDMI Cables, Banana Plugs, Wire Strippers and so on. We only provided high quality and good price products to each customer. 1.HDMI Ethernet Channel This technology consolidates video, audio and data streams into a single HDMI cable, combining the unmatched signal quality and convenience of HDMI connectivity with the power and flexibility of home entertainment networking. It incorporates a dedicated data channel into the HDMI link, enabling high-speed, bi-directional networking at up to 100 Mb/sec. 2.Audio Return Channel The audio return channel in HDMI 1.4 enables a TV, via a single HDMI cable, to send audio data upstream to an A/V receiver or surround system, increasing flexibility and eliminating the need for a separate audio cable. 3. 3D over HDMI: supporting resolutions up to 1,080p in 3D 4. 4K x 2K video support: supports advanced displays with roughly 4 times the resolution of 1080P 5.Additional color spaces: adds support for additional color models used in digital photography and computer graphics Applications: 1.High-definition TV, digital TV 2.Plasma display 3.LCD display 4.DVD player 5.Home video system 6.Audio/video receiver 7.Xbox/PS3/PS4Center conductor – high purity oxygen-free copper,Supports HDMI 2.0 Ports (18 Gbps,30 AWG,up to 60 Hz over HDMI 2.0)
Jacket – black PVC (with nylon braiding) High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI. Support 4k 2K 1080p 3D TV, Ethernet, Home theater, HDTV, PS3,PS4, XBOX and set-top boxes
Insulation – use foamed PE /HDPE as the insulation, ensuring image quality and transmit image signal with stability
Inner shield -100%Aluminum-Mylar foil shield, preventing high frequency noises and interference
Outer shield-95%copper/Al-Mg alloy wirebraid shield, preventing most low frequency noises and interference,