WhatsApp high priority alerts make it easier to focus on interesting chats

WhatsApp has developed a new feature called ‘high priority notifications’, which is available to people using the beta version of the app.

First spotted by WABetaInfo, you can check if you have it (and enable it) by diving into the Notifications section of the main Settings menu.

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Similar to the pinned chats feature, high priority notifications can be used on both individual and group conversations. When you enable it, the notifications you receive from that conversation will appear at the top of your list of WhatsApp alerts.

Messages from regular chats will appear below any high priority notifications you have, even if they’re newer. It’s a small but useful option to have, especially if you’ve got something urgent to organise or if you’re a member of any particularly dull chat groups.

However, as ever with test features, it isn’t yet clear if the feature will ever roll out officially.

The messenger app is also testing out the ability for group conversation admins to demote other admins without removing them from the group. And you thought there was no way your group chat could get any more annoying…

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