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Ogmot the Mad is a new rare NPC that was added to Silithus in Patch 7.3.5. He drops a 10-page journal (Journal of Ogmot the Mad) full of foreshadowing riddles that were originally discovered by redditor wilder_people.

We killed the rare mob on PTR and got the journal. Below is a full transcription:

Page 1

Ogmot was just punny boy fightin at da war camp when da Masters first blessed me wit da visions.

I come to Silithus, to da great wound, seekin wonders.

Make Ogmot your vessel, Masters!

Page 2

Last night, Ogmot dreams of great battle. Two fleets bashin on ocean of blood.

Shadows twistin beneath da ships, risin. Risin. Ogmot so happy watchin da carnage!

Then Ogmot gets waked up by skitterin sounds. Stupid bugs!

Dont matter. Ogmot knows dese dreams soon come true.

Page 3

Life comes back to dis wasted land.

First da bugs come. Now da gobbies skulkin round… Dey cravin da world blood… Ogmot am sure of it!

BAH! Let dem have dese drippins! Soon Ogmot gonna drink rivers of blood! Da Masters promise!

Page 4

Today smoke rises up from da campfire. Smoke tells Ogmot good story.

Ogmot sees lady wrapped in dark swirlies. She leads herd of blind sheep.

Da sheepies follow her everplace she go. Do everthin she say. Never doubt lady.

She guide dem over tall cliff! SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT! Stupid sheepies!

Da crown get fat eatin da sheepflesh. Da lady laugh as crows eat!

Ogmot laugh too!

Page 5

Dat blade has shiny eye. Always watchin us. Why you no see it?

Three lies. Da first one been told.

Bound by dat throne? No. Free. Free!

Da next gonna come soon. Maybe dey see dis one.

Page 6

Other hammers here now. Dey talk and talk bout Argus. Bout da one dat got wakened. Bout great victory dat our enemy not even notice.

But only Ogmot sees da visions. Other hammers not blessed by da Masters!

Ogmot share his dreams wit da others, but da skinny one just laugh.

Ogmot no like her.

Page 7

Many days passed with no visions.

Did Ogmot make da Masters angry?

Me gonna make sacrifice! Please da Masters.

Remember Ogmot!

Page 8

Da star watchin Ogmot. Too shiny! Ogmot gonna hide from it!

Da dagger spoke true. It been too long since Ogmot got drowned.

Masters! No forsake Ogmot!

Page 9

Da bones got picked clean, but Ogmot still get no visions. Da other laugh. Say Ogmot not devoted.

But me is da chosen one! Ogmot no lose faith!

Another sacrifice? Yes! One more of dem aint gonna be missed…

Page 10

Roused by her screams. Stirred by da whispers.

A blessin comes from da Masters. Now Ogmot understand!

A door. A path. Ours… Ours…

Fool! Da circle awakened us all!


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