Wisconsin Mom Gives Birth On The Side Of An Icy Road

A Wisconsin family was on their way to a local hospital to welcome their newest addition when it became clear to mom Pilar Gauthier that they didn’t have enough time to make it there. The icy road was difficult to drive on, and Pilar’s labor was progressing fast. She would have to give birth in the car.

Dad Matt Grall had called 911 when the family got in the car to go, but he had to pull over when Pilar’s contractions ramped up. From there, things moved quickly.

“From the time we got pulled over to the time until the time the baby was born, I bet you it was five minutes,” Matt recalled.

The couple’s three younger children helped their mom as the delivery progressed. One even used a shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord once their baby brother arrived.

Baby Mayan arrived just minutes before the Deputy Sheriff Sandra Finger pulled up to where they had stopped. “When I got there all I did was provide a blanket and keep mom and baby warm as dad was able to continue what he was doing help mom as we waited for the ambulance,” she told WSAW.

Everyone was calm and collected, despite the challenge facing them. Transportation to the hospital would prove to be very difficult. The roads were so icy that the ambulance needed to rely on a plow driver to clear the route to the hospital — but the roads were even too slippery for the plow!

Watch the video to find out the unusual way mom and baby made it to the hospital.

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