Woman Spends 40 Years Searching For Biological Dad

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Sue grew up feeling a bit like the odd man out among her siblings. Not in a bad way, but in a way that made her just feel different.

She was always a real go-getter, and a clean freak, while the rest of her siblings had traits and characteristics in contrast to hers.

Sue’s life turned upside down when she learned the reason she felt so different: The man who raised her and the man she considered her dad was not actually her biological father. Sue was the daughter of another man, but she had no idea who he was or where he lived.

At the age of 18, Sue mustered up the courage to ask her mother those critical questions, like, “Who am I?” and, “Who’s my real dad?” She didn’t get much information in return.

“With respect for my mom and dad, I never asked again,” Sue told WPMT.

Sue avoided asking her parents any more questions for many more years — until her mother died in 2011. After that, she spent years trying to track down her biological father’s identity, contacting old schools and searching for birth certificates. Her journey took a sharp turn once she submitted her DNA to Ancestry.com.

As it turned out, Sue lived just 6 miles away from her birth father for many years, frequenting the same businesses and walking down the exact same streets.

All the while, neither one knew the other existed … until now.

Footage provided by WPMT Harrisburg

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