World First All Achievements Completed in Legion by Xirev

However, someone has done it! As of March 22, Xirev has obtained every single achievement there is in Legion, all 3,314* of them!

Xirev has originally posted about his massive feat on the r/wow subreddit. He has also graciously provided us with an interview, as you can see below!

  • On your reddit post, you did mention you started your achievement hunt 6 years ago. What made you go through this insane journey?

I started playing WoW very casually around the end of Vanilla/early TBC on my stepdad’s account at my mom’s place, I only played during holidays for 1-2 weeks at a time 2-3 times per year while visiting them because I didn’t have a computer that could handle WoW at my dad’s place. I only ever reached level 35 as my highest level character and remember my only goal back then being getting to level 40 to get my first mount, I never read up on patch notes and actually thought there was a new patch every Wednesday. One day while I was boosting someone in The Deadmines we come out and there’s a gnome sitting on a mount at level 35, I told him he was cheating because the requirement to buy a mount was level 40, he informed me that it had been reduced to 35 and my mind was blown. I immediately went to learn the mount skill and I remember just running around Hillsbrad Foothills on my new Saber mount, the character is still there at level 35 in Hillsbrad to this day.

In WotLK I got a computer that could run the game at 10 fps on all the lowest settings and I only played on trial accounts, then one day I open the launcher and see that the X-53 Touring Rocket had just been released, I went to school and told my friend about it and he offered to gift me everything up to Wrath and 2 months of game so that he could get it, generous guy. I mostly just leveled characters but was always strained for gold and couldn’t afford epic flying but then I heard that if you got What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been you would get free master riding, I started doing all of the holiday events and that was to the extent that I did achievements back then.

Cataclysm came and I kept on just leveling characters to max but not doing much with them, around the time the Firelands patch was nearing its end I got a better computer and I was finally able to be in raids without having 2 fps. Dragon Soul was released and I started doing it on LFR and got pretty lucky with loot (back when LFR had Need before Greed). One day a guild was looking for a Mage for their core team in general chat and I had what they were looking for. I joined them and started doing Dragon Soul Heroic, I was the only player in the guild who still didn’t have Epic Flying, always flying on my Tawny Wind Rider to the raids and this was often pointed out but I didn’t even have a 280% mount to ride on. After a while I decided to do The Obsidian Sanctum to get the Reins of the Black Drake and just buy 280% flying as I wasn’t even close to getting the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake yet, I now felt the urge to get as many epic flying mounts as possible and started doing the Netherwing and Sha’tari Skyguard reputations. Eventually the guild I was in fell apart after we had downed Ultraxion and I was now left with 8 months of waiting for Mists of Pandaria, with a lot of time on my hands and love for this game I had finally started being able to play all the time I started sinking my time into the only thing there was for me to do, achievements.

As time went on my dedication only grew, the biggest turning point for me was at around 16k Achievement Points in the middle of MoP when I started getting really serious about getting everything. WoD was a great expansion for me since there wasn’t much to do in the current content so I had lots of time to catch up on all the old achievements, I believe I made it to around rank 400 at the end of WoD. Then when Legion came out I shot straight up to top 10 and I’ve now been there throughout the expansion.

  • As a player who has absolutely gone through every single facet of the game, what part of it did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed the feeling I got when I made a small goal for the day like completing a questing zone, it felt like going out on an adventure. I loved the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of content I had ahead of me and felt like I would never run out of things to do. I envy the players who now decide to collect achievements and get to experience that, but maybe that’s just me.

  • What was the single hardest achievement for you?

The hardest achievements have got to be the high rated PvP ones, most other achievements are just tedious to get through. If you exclude PvP then I’d say Going To Need A Bigger Bag, granted I did it when realm hopping was still a thing, probably harder now. I don’t really feel like any achievement has been too hard to do, I like just setting my mind to something and going at it until it’s done without any second thoughts. For example, I did 4.000 daily quests over a span of 2 weeks to get the 10000 Daily Quests Completed achievement done and I did Draenor Curator before flying in Draenor was out.

  • Are you only an achievement hunter, or do you like collecting things like pets and mounts as well?

I do more than just collecting achievements. I also like collecting everything, mounts, pets, and toys.

  • People are dying to know: What is your /played at?

I don’t know for certain since I have 2 accounts and but don’t necessarily play them both at the same time constantly. On my main account I have 800 days and on my second account I have 250 days (which I’ve only had since the start of Legion), so I would say that in total I probably have around 850-900 days played. My Mage alone has 434 days played, yea not that much compared to others. I almost never afk ingame and most of my game time is effective playing and collecting. The rest of my game time is spread across my alts, I have 30 characters at 110, 2 of every class and 8 Mages, yea I play alts a lot.

  • Battle for Azeroth is sure to bring in hundreds of new achievements. Will you attempt to keep your #1 spot through the upcoming expansion?

Not sure if I will be able to keep up the pace I’ve been going at until now, got some real-life commitments around the corner so that’s why I was extra keen on getting this done now as I felt it was my last chance to do so. I will try to do my best with the time I’ll have though.

  • Do you have any advice for players planning to start hunting achievements?

My advice would be to find something else to do while doing achievements that don’t require much attention like fishing, archeology, camping for things, farming reputations etc. I initially started split screening movies when I only had 1 screen back in MoP while I was fishing and eventually got a second screen in WoD and that made many achievements much easier to do and actually became much more enjoyable as I felt I was making progress in-game while not even paying much attention to it. Something like playing a YouTube video or a show or maybe even another game like Hearthstone can help a lot.

You can ask more questions or just say congratulations to Xirev on his twitter, @XirevWoW. He also streams on twitch at

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