World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 Artwork and Chapter Preview on Amazon and Polygon

Note: not every country’s site has the same pages available to preview–the pages below were taken from the US, Canada, and French versions. There are also affiliate links in this post; Wowhead receives a small percentage from the sales through this link, which goes towards site maintenance.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Later Chapters


Polygon Preview

Check out the article on Polygon for even more pictures and chapter excerpts!

Changed or Removed Pages

Some previewed images and lore may have been taken down or have difficulty loading on Amazon Prime. Thankfully, over the past few days MyMindWontQuiet, Shadowsong, Reignac, and others have been documenting interesting tidbits at this imgur link. Highlights include art of Arthas and details explaining that the Horde canonically took down Magtheridon while the Alliance took down Lady Vashj.

Another interesting excerpt goes into Arthas’ motivations as the Lich King–a world controlled by the Undead would have no flaws and be better equipped to handle the attacks of the Old Gods and the Legion.

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