World Of Warcraft Nostalrius Music Tribute – Vanilla (Classic)

World Of Warcraft Nostalrius Music Tribute – Vanilla (Classic)

This is my First World of warcraft Music Mix. One year ago i’ve successfully started my second journey on youtube with my epic wow music mix. And today i can proudly announce that the wait is over. I will start a huge youtube series where i will collect all epic and memorable World Of Warcraft music and publish them in 7 Mixes one by one. Each Mix will be a unique masterpiece in which i’ll have put a lot of effort. And this is the first Mix which ONLY includes classic wow (vanilla) soundtracks. Each mix will only contain soundtracks from one wow expansion and i will also releas a bonus mix with warcraft 3, tavern and ofcourse your favorite music which was not in all mixes. So if you want influence in my projects go on my facebook and twitter page and contact me or participate in the soon coming polls. You will also receive exclusive informations and previews there of running and upcoming projects. If you have any questions contact me immediately, usually i respond on the same day or even after few hours or minutes.

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Soundtrack List:

00:00:00 – Magic
00:00:56 – Gloomy
00:01:49 – Angelic
00:02:30 – Spooky
00:02:48 – Volcanic
00:06:20 – Jungle
00:09:32 – Soggy Place
00:14:10 – Mountain
00:21:18 – sacred
00:21:30 – PvP 5
00:22:26 – Enchanted Forest
00:27:00 – Plains
00:30:42 – PvP 4
00:31:36 – Cursed Land
00:34:03 – PvP 3
00:34:35 – Desert
00:37:57 – Forest
00:40:44 – Barren Dry
00:45:00 – Darnassus
00:46:43 – Undercity
00:49:06 – Gnomeregan
00:49:49 – Ironforge
00:54:22 – Thunderbluff
00:58:35 – PvP 2
00:59:23 – Stormwind
01:05:13 – Zul’Gurub Vodoo
01:05:57 – PvP 1
01:06:40 – Orgrimmar
01:07:09 – Ahn’Qiraj Intro
01:08:57 – Legends Of Azeroth
01:11:35 – The Shaping Of The World
01:13:27 – Echoes Of The Past
01:15:20 – Song Of Elune
01:17:31 – Legacy
01:19:52 – Season Of War
01:22:28 – War
01:23:14 – Elwynn Forest
01:25:57 – Ahn’Qiraj Exterior
01:27:42 – Sacred (Outro)

Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Brian Farr, David Arkenstone, Russell Brower
All music and images belong to ©1996 – 2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.. I do not own any of the music, or images in this video.



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