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Wowhead had two interviews on Battle for Azeroth and one for WoW Classic during BlizzCon 2018 and we have recapped all of them.

For all the latest news, check out our BlizzCon 2018 hub.

First, we have highlights from the interview with Morgan Day and Shani Edwards, which you can read here.

No plans to add a currency system for Azerite Armor anywhere else (raids and PvP) other than Mythic+.

No Reorigination Army in Battle of Dazar’alor [but there will be another raid trait as revealed in the Method interview]

The underwater boss is still in early development. They can add mechanics during the fight to make it easier for players such as underwater walk speed.

No plans to bring back Master Loot in Tides of Vengeance, but they can bring it back at a later time if it’s right for the game again.

No changes for Personal loot trading rules in Tides of Vengeance, but it’s something they are probably going to take a look at in a future patch.

No plans to add legendaries right now, but they might be added in a future update.

There are still going to be random drops in Island Expeditions. The new mounts and toys will be available on the vendors and will be separate from the loot table that is dropping right now. They’re also playing with the idea of a treasure map. When you complete an Island you might get a treasure map and that treasure map will start an elite mission with big rewards. They haven’t nailed down exactly what’s going to be rewarded from those treasure chests but they’re talking about possibly adding some of that Azerite Armor currency in them.

They are discussing other places where the M+ currency can drop from apart from the Mythic+ chest and scrapping/disenchanting Azerite Armor.

No titles or mounts planned for Mythic+, just new achievements.

Different types of Souls that will chase you down in the Reaping affix: Lost Soul, Risen Soul and Tormented Soul [more details on this again on the Method interview].

A lot of abilities currently don’t hit Explosives in M+ – they will change that.

Heroic Warfronts will be flexible, so you can queue with 10 or more people and they’re going to be much harder than the ones that are currently on live. Heroic Warfronts will also have higher level rewards. These will be available on both the Arathi and Darkshore Warfronts. 

The second Pathfinder achievement will be available in 8.2 and it will require a mix of exploration, content and reputation.

Next up, Wowhead Weekly hosts Annie Fuchsia and Perculia interviewed Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and Art Director Chris Robinson.

We could see more Heritage Armor sets in the future for all races. They will be added when it feels appropriate.

No specific plans to use the original Night Elf armor, now worn by many elven NPCs in Darkshore, for Heritage Armor—but if people respond well to a piece of armor, then Blizzard can take that as a starting point for something reminiscent of it.

No plans to make the Night Elf glaive from Darkshore available to other classes apart from Demon Hunter.

It makes sense to continue with Cosmetic rewards as a form of recognition and progression for different play styles .

No immediate plans to add Deluxe sets like the CM skins.

They are working on making the Heart of Azeorth “beefier”.

They haven’t full fleshed out the travel specifics in the 8.2 zones.

Are More rewards coming with the new micro-holidays and additions to Darkmoon Faire? There are always new things to chase from evergreen content, so they try to add rewards where it makes sense. There are definitely rewards from the Brawler’s Guild.

There will be Glowing eye customization for female Worgen, as well as more facial customization options.

There are no new rare Hunter pets, but there are always new pets to tame when we visit new areas.

Straight-backed undead? Not actively working on it. They may tackle that sort of stuff in the future. Undead skins is also a cool space to explore.

No Alterac Valley revamp yet.

More character slots per server as Allied Races are added.

Lastly, Executive Producer John Hight and Lead Software Engineer Brian Birmingham talked about WoW Classic. You can read the interview here.

There are no current plans of developing any future content past Patch 1.12, or an eventual transition to Burning Crusade.

No phasing or cross-realm zones in Classic. Sharding is a possibility.

The demo is pretty close to the final version of how WoW Classic will be, but it is always subject to changes. For example, the lighting still needs some work.

They used the Vanilla network for Classic and they aren’t going to make any changes to the network stack. They are adding improvements from modern networks though. A lot more stability and reduced queue times but that’s not a guaranteed day 1 feature.

They don’t have any plans to make changes to any of the balancing in 1.12.

They have some modern movement enforcement and exploit detection code that prevents things like walljumping.

No plans for realm transfers and race changes. They will see which of these services make sense for Classic. You won’t be able to transfer between Classic and modern WoW if they add realm transfers.

You will be able to communicate with your friends playing Modern WoW, or people playing other games like Overwatch, but you will not be able to move your character over to Modern WoW.

Items that you get in Classic WoW will not be transmoggable by your characters in Modern WoW.

They are thinking about whether they will allow communication with the other faction in Classic like you can do today (by right clicking on someone’s portrait and adding him/her to


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