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Update: apologies for the headline, it should have read WEST first – with the leveling and raid race for Classic we used West as we didn’t have info from Asia servers so I made the mistake of lumping it in as a “World First”. Apologies!
Here’s the article about the real World First, Chinese player LongDD.

Original article:
We already reported on the World First Eye of Sulfuras drop some 2 weeks ago, but actually crafting the thing takes a whole lot of time and resources, so it’s only now that the actual weapon has popped up in the game! The original first drop came for the guild Venture from Flamelash EU, but it seems Senseless from Firemaw EU focused more on acquiring all the mats and most of all transmutes needed to get the thing assembled! Big congratulations to the guild and Kembria in particular!

It’s impressive that the guild and Kembria specifically managed to get all the mats together so quickly, especially the Sulfuron Ingots, which the warrior apparently got all on his own, save the 1 that the guild provided, simply by getting enough gold to shop Firemaw’s Auction House (for around 400-500 gold per ingot). Since there have been around 3-4 viable raid lockouts since the game arrived, it seems there are plenty of guilds heading to Molten Core on the server, which helped get the AH stocked.

Perhaps unsurprisingly this achievement brought up the layering discussion again in the reddit thread, from the large amount of mats needed from the open world, to even accusations of exploits via the raid resets server-wide, due to the scarcity of Sulfuron Ingots. There doesn’t see to be any indication for any of that, and 3-4 weeks is plenty for an entire server to get the open world mats together with Firemaw being as active a server as it is. On a brighter note, there are also the very standard Vanilla call-outs of “it should have gone to a shaman”!

If you want to see more details on just what exactly it takes to craft Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, as well as the long-running discussion on whether it’s the best weapon for warriors in Vanilla launch and overall, head on over to our spotlight article for the weapon, or check out our guide to acquiring it right here.

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