WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: 8.2 PTR Updates, A-Z of Gold-making, Noblegarden Event plus Giveaway!

Comment by Kaiteir

on 2019-04-27T13:21:17-05:00

I farmed up a bunch of rabbits cause I always see them going for a good amount later in the year. I hope the time spent will be worth it!

Comment by Wield

on 2019-04-27T13:24:41-05:00

new pots/flasks is cool

Comment by Morrigenn

on 2019-04-27T13:25:22-05:00

The profession “updates” are clearly a punch in the gut to those of us who still have crafting professions and haven’t just dropped everything to use gathering professions. As an alchemist since early Vanilla, this is particularly distressing. While I’ll probably work on the newest recipes, the discussion in my guild is already that the new potions/flasks probably won’t be worth doing as a guild (cauldrons, etc).r
I’m not a mount collector but for those who are, I can’t understand how many/most of them are going to be able to flesh out their collections with the insane/ridiculous prices Blizz has stacked on mounts (whether new or re-skinned). I mean, gold availability from WoD through Legion was getting out of hand, but if Blizzard set out in BfA to make sure NO ONE had enough gold to do anything other than “get by”.. they achieved their ambition in spades.

Comment by Sebiale

on 2019-04-27T13:28:29-05:00

Hugely expensive mounts should never have been introduced in the first place.r
Yes, Blizzard loves their scarcity, but usually that scarcity can be overcome through time and effort of normal game activities.r
Being rich in WoW basically means learning a brand new game (the Auction House game), and it’s not a game that not everyone can “win” at. With the exception of time-limited items, every collectable in the game can be acquired with the above mentioned time and effort. But unless you are the top 1% of earners for a server, you are just NOT going to be able to afford these items (barring inflation in the next expansion, which Blizzard is actively curtailing). There’s only so much currency in circulation. If you aren’t invested into the correct markets, you’re just SOL as far as gold goes.

Comment by Reyfa

on 2019-04-27T13:29:20-05:00

I won’t change any profession. I seek practical use in professions. I played the gold making game once but it felt like a job and therefore boring to me. I do not care about vendor mounts cuz the fact everyone is able to buy them if they want ,with real money. Beeing said, i dont search eggs, i eat them with salt.

Comment by Sebiale

on 2019-04-27T13:31:10-05:00

As a collector, this is the most disheartened I’ve ever felt in an expansion. Just looking at all of the collectibles in BFA and their ridiculous prices, their ridiculous drop rates, the silly amount of time investments, etc.r
Honestly, I’ve just been ignoring everything about it except the story quests to farm older content.

Comment by Hordraric

on 2019-04-27T13:39:14-05:00

make lore, not warcraft

Comment by LookingForSilver

on 2019-04-27T13:46:29-05:00

I dont like spending my time on goldmaking for the same mounts but recolored, and yes there are new mounts that actually look cool but those usually arent gold-gated. I understand why they would do what they are doing but it just doesnt seem great, at this rate i dont think they will ever remove the 20% AH deposit fee.r
I also dont like whats happening whit old content, i understand that it would become cheaper since its easier to farm in latter expansions but i think the current system disables you too actually gain gold whit old content.

Comment by Scarfdeath

on 2019-04-27T13:48:26-05:00

not farming eggs anymore, i used to but is soo boring… this yar i just got the new toy and thats it.r
but i will snupe some cheap mounts to sell later when teh event ended

Comment by Hannahlianne

on 2019-04-27T13:59:22-05:00

I’d like to make more gold in BFA with the AH, so maybe I’ll try selling abyss crystals. My realm is low-med pop so I’m not sure if they’ll sell but it’s worth a shot! Same with arctic fur and maybe arcane crystals but I remember farming those to make the Sulfuron hammer lol

Comment by Mushalor

on 2019-04-27T14:03:19-05:00

I had a big long commentary but it sounded less smart & more like a pity party. Here’s the pertinent parts:r
I keep asking myself what the point is of bothering with my collections lately as each price hike happens. I really prefer concrete goals that I can work towards in my health decline–but I don’t think I prefer them like this.r
I miss when I could look at gold costs & go “yeah I can actually achieve that in this lifetime.”

Comment by Tarts

on 2019-04-27T14:15:37-05:00

I farmed up the new hearthstone toy that came with nobelgarden but didnt have it in me to farm any more eggs for other stuff. Since alot of the seasonal stuff doesnt seem to sell at the price they used to sell.

Comment by Homeguard3

on 2019-04-27T14:26:09-05:00

The price of mounts is just ridiculous at this point, but it is their way of removing gold from servers as the prices of everything would skyrocket over time due to inflation. Making gold “disappear” from the economy instead of keeping it moving between players is probably their best way of trying to keep the economy in check.
Let’s not forget about the 2 million gold spider mount or the 5M AH brontosaurus…

“Do you have enough gold to buy all of the new vendor mounts in 8.2?” Yes, but I am not going to buy them as I would rather use the gold for game time tokens. At this point I am thinking about moving on to classic until the next expansion, so I will not be spending gold on anything else.

Comment by Cyondil

on 2019-04-27T14:34:57-05:00

I was curious how you could make money from this event, but then I completely forgot that the mounts can be resold later on. Great idea to wait a bit to sell them as well.

Comment by sinangelus

on 2019-04-27T14:52:21-05:00

Lazy reskin mounts should never be sold for 90k, 333k or 500k. I don’t mind unique mounts being expensive like the spider, warframe or longboi, but old MOP 5.1 gryphons? That’s worse than WOD boar recolours that were 1) recolours of a new mount not few expansion old model 2) added in an expansion that chugged out free garrison gold so everyone could buy reskin #22 and not really think twice.

BFA is killing my willingness to play on many fronts. First was the island mount drops. Haven’t gotten a single one, and there’s no way to target them anymore. All I wanted since BFA beta was the golden quillen. But nope. Rng on top of rng on top of rng. At least rng mounts like invincible or ashes of alar you can farm semi-reliably and work towards them by having more alts capable of clearing the lockout every week. Islands? Some people report running thousands of them and not even getting more than 1-2 mounts, often not the ones they really wanted (like squawks or twilight dragon).

Now we have mounts that are basically a tax on being a collector – are you a completionist? Sucks to be you! Pay extortionate prices in strangulated economy for ugly reskins just so you can fill that box in your collection!

Another thing I liked collecting was profession patterns. Not only did they gate many of them behind lots of marks of honor, which forces you to pvp (while let’s say raid recipes you can always get in later expansions when it’s soloable if you are a casual and not actively raiding), but now they also want to obsolete majority of the work people put into obtaining and upgrading BFA recipes. Do I need to mention that most of them cost 2-3k per upgrade from the rep vendor and there are tens of them? Another pointless gold sink, because at least in the past once you got flask rank 3 or some rare enchanting recipe you could capitalize on it until expansion was over. It was an investment. Now it’s just gold you lost on recipes that you could use for a few months and then they’re useless. Since profit margins are so small nowadays, it might be you haven’t even made back the sunk costs into levelling the prof and paying for recipes. If you were unlucky with procs you were basically losing money instead of gaining from alchemy.

This is basically scaring away casuals from dabbling into professions and leaving only professionals who mass buy, mass produce and sit on AH all day. It’s similar story as shopping malls vs small family stores. In a bad economy only the big ones can survive, small ones are eaten away by costs and if they aren’t making enough day by day profits, they quit.

This obviously creates a situation that average player can’t make money, so they are also not spending money, be it on vendor mounts or vanity stuff from other players like pets / transmogs / glyphs.

If that’s the Blizzard’s ploy to make people buy more gold, sorry, but no one will bother to do it for some washed up mount reskins. People make fuss about cash shop mounts and toys but at least those have some designer effort put into them to justify the price tag. Reskinned gryphons don’t.

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