WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: Hallow’s End, Classic WoW Gold-Making plus Back to Basics!

Comment by PveManno

on 2018-10-21T20:07:50-05:00

Lol “unless there’s WoW tokens” RIP economy if they’re dumb enough to do that.

Comment by sinangelus

on 2018-10-21T22:11:52-05:00

“Do you recall selling anything under value before you started thinking like a gold-maker?” r
I sold a lot of stuff “under value” on purpose, targetting snipers as potential customers, one big part was WOD salvage crates and greens from it, got so tired from having to repost hundreds and hundreds of greens every day I just dumped them for 2-3x the vendor price on the AH so transmog snipers can grab them. Whatever still wasn’t sniped, got vendored. Transmog selling is really not my cup of tea unless I have some “fast sellers” (for example the fish weapon from islands).

Comment by Cafeaulait

on 2018-10-22T00:23:37-05:00

These guides kinda ruin the Classic wow experience.

Comment by Peredhil

on 2018-10-22T01:20:51-05:00

These guides kinda ruin the Classic wow experience.r
Internet and the info available “ruin” the Classic wow experience…r
Some people are never satisfied.

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