WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: News & Updates, TSM Sniper plus giveaway!

Comment by inthemistr

on 2019-03-30T14:06:02-05:00

WoW Tokensr
In this subject, it’s interesting to see how much a wow token’s price can vary depending even on item level. I haven’t really payed much attention to the wow token since it’s release, so it surprised me a lot.

Comment by MaXiiczek

on 2019-03-30T14:14:06-05:00

I was wondering what caused the spike in token price, so thanks for clarification 🙂 I’ve also remembered that we have new toys in shop, that could also have an influence on the price 🙂

Comment by Darisper

on 2019-03-30T14:16:00-05:00

What’s the best thing you’ve ever sniped? Have you ever given something back that you sniped?r
Just the other week I managed to snag one of the rarest BC leatherworking recipes for a couple thousand gold instead of what could have easily been upwards of 20-50k! Definitely very appreciative of that find as I’ve been building up my recipe collection for a few years now. I often try to check the battle pet market as well for any extra low-priced pets I haven’t gotten yet, but still waiting to get lucky on some of the rarer ones. 🙂

Comment by cantgetrealname

on 2019-03-30T14:22:36-05:00

What’s the best thing you’ve ever sniped? Have you ever given something back that you sniped?

I’ve sniped quite a few things over the years, a few examples at the top of the list would be:
Haunted Memento for 100g
Sky Golem for 350g
Sunstone Panther and Sapphire Panther for 20g each
Various stacks of trade goods for coppers each

Oddest thing to ‘snipe’ was an adamantite arrow maker (this was during WoD) after it was removed from game for 50g, flipped it for 50k!

Lots of mistakes to catch for those with the means, and I’ve given back a few things over the years or agreed to some other arrangement.

Comment by Jaxxin

on 2019-03-30T14:23:51-05:00

What’s the best thing you’ve ever sniped? Have you ever given something back that you sniped?r
One of the best things I sniped was some very pretty Transmog pieces, never put them back up even though they were pretty pricey. Ended up learning them instead . Never have sniped anything that I felt I should give back.

Comment by fan7asma

on 2019-03-30T14:44:18-05:00

i hope i can win !

Comment by Qasaar

on 2019-03-30T14:54:23-05:00

What’s the best thing you’ve ever sniped? Have you ever given something back that you sniped?r
I managed to get my hands on one of the new world drop mounts for 160g

Comment by Sykoh23

on 2019-03-30T15:04:02-05:00

With 8.1.5, gem prices have fallen so much that I have stopped trying to flip them. Now I will grab a few here and there when they are priced super low so I can hit 150 JC. Same with ore to prospect for more Kraken’s Eye gems.

Comment by daciusgemine

on 2019-03-30T15:11:56-05:00

When planning to invest in meat, cloth, gems, ore, etc in-between a raid tier or prior to an expansion, is there a rule that you use, or you just go for what is available? I seem to have items I can’t flip easily but don’t want to sell for a loss. Do you just identify groups in TSM for raid etc and go off that? Maybe it also depends on the server. Thanks for the info, I need to join the discord!

Comment by ergosumbi

on 2019-03-30T15:17:12-05:00


Comment by ihave

on 2019-03-30T15:20:20-05:00

What’s the best thing you’ve ever sniped? Have you ever given something back that you sniped?r
I haven’t spent too much time with the sniper tool but i got many transmog pieces which i put back up for over 1000x profit, i also got a 2 sky golems for 10k. it makes me want to use it more so i think i will! 😛

Comment by Deathsome

on 2019-03-30T15:29:35-05:00

As always, my comment will be on the WoW Economy Discussion Point, as gold making for me, though I pretty much struggle with it, is the most important thing as buying the token is the only way I can play the game. The advice here is good but it’s harder to apply it to gold making, as always. Anyway, I’ll still keep on trying and maybe one day I’ll become a goblin! 😀

Comment by Amendz

on 2019-03-30T15:34:25-05:00

I gave up on the enchanting market because it has tanked drastically. I used to buy up the cheap enchants to flip and reset the market but not as many people buy them now and the market has become over-saturated. At the start of the patch enchants were 10k each now they are 1k on my server. I have branched out into other markets but mostly I am bidding my time til 8.2.

Comment by cracklingice

on 2019-03-30T15:34:59-05:00

I’m upside down on a large amount of kraken’s eyes. Stocked up hoping there would be a demand spike with tool of the trade only to have the price fall 80%. Very evil patch.

Comment by N0083rP00F

on 2019-03-30T15:50:32-05:00

I have rarely used the sniping tool though when I do it’s during the long waits for mustering.r
I have never gotten an OMG snipe though I have picked up the occasional pet or transmog that I would not normally have purchased.

Comment by omfgdahoe

on 2019-03-30T15:54:12-05:00

I finally try to setup the sniper stuff and welcome the updates and tutorial. Hope I can finally get more money then totalling 150k

Comment by Wicek

on 2019-03-30T16:08:55-05:00

I use sniper tool through TSM with default settings. Never had any good results with it. Guess it depends on proper setup.

Comment by Vynnaras

on 2019-03-30T16:21:24-05:00

Profession items definitely haven’t been kind to selling prices, sadly :(r
On a more positive note, I cashed in on tokens at a nice low point right before they spiked up, so that felt pretty nice!

Comment by Makelele

on 2019-03-30T16:31:56-05:00

I’m surprised the WOW tokens are so much more valuable in Europe. I need one on the next two weeks, so I’m hoping the prices go down for a bit.

Comment by Aralnda

on 2019-03-30T16:43:09-05:00

Have you given up on any markets?r
I feel like im about to get rid of transmog market, and try for gathering. I have a lot of mats form the start of BFA. I dont use the stuff , I was going to give to the guild but i might try to let tsm4 just run a normal scan for the stuff since i dont know much about tsm still. Been trying to watch samadans videos on it.

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