WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: PTR Changes, Passive Income, Dungeon Farming & Biggest Mistakes

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Welcome to the eighth edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

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My name is Gumdrops and I’m the lead moderator for the /r/woweconomy subreddit and the accompanying Discord server. I am also the Support Manager & User Evangelist for TradeSkillMaster, the Auction House addon suite for World of Warcraft. I hope to cover and showcase some of the interesting topics, discussions, content and guides that have been going on over the last week in the gold making community. Some that you might have missed as a veteran gold maker, or you might be interested in checking out for the first time as a new or aspiring ‘goblin’.

The format will not be that of a traditional guide, but links to further reading with commentary and opinions of my own. I will be looking at the bigger picture, the decision making and thought processes in being a gold maker – rather than a step by step instructional list. As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

In the most recent PTR build, a new Primal Sargerite vendor was added to the Vindicaar which operates in the same way as the Blood of Sargeras trader does in Dalaran.

This will give a bit more of a concrete value to Primal Sargerite which currently receives a fixed gold material price, 25 x Blood of Sargeras as an Alchemist with the mostly useless transmute, or a calculation using Obliterum and Primal Obliterum.

Based on the current values on the PTR, here is a custom price formula to use as a TradeSkillMaster material price for your Primal Sargerite:

max(dbmarket(i:151565) * 10, dbmarket(i:151564) * 10, dbmarket(i:151566) * 10, dbmarket(i:151567) * 10, dbmarket(i:151579) / 10, dbmarket(i:151722) / 10, dbmarket(i:151720) / 10, dbmarket(i:151718) / 10, dbmarket(i:151721) / 10, dbmarket(i:151719) / 10)

If any of the values change I will update the custom price source to reflect that.

But what will this mean?

Probably not much in the grand scheme of things, however there is speculation from /u/drflanigan that this is an indication of more new crafted gear to upgrade with Primal Obliterum:

This further makes me believe there will be more Primal Obliterum gear.
Why the hell does anyone need Lightweave cloth or Fiendish leather?
And aren’t the flowers just used for demon damaging potions?
Are the ores useful? Or the new gems?
There has to be a reason they are providing us with a way to obtain these mats, unless they are meant to be a sargerite dump for gatherers.

If the latter is the case, it would spell another significant downward trend in Argus crafting reagent prices on the Auction House. The way these new materials were introduced through time gate content meant that many players acquired them without there being any use available for them – a simple case of supply and demand where supply outstripped an essentially non-existent demand, at the time. I talked about the uncertainty in a recent wrap-up.

/u/drflanigan continues:

My theory is that they can’t release a full set primal obliterum gear now because that would mean players can get 935+ gear just by paying for it. And mythic ToS is 930+ gear.
So if they released a full gearset that would allow you to skip raiding ToS entirely and get to 935+ ilvl BEFORE the new raid is even out, it wouldn’t work. So they staggered it.
When Antorus comes out in 7.3.5, I believe more up-gradable gear will also be released.

I’m quite confident that this reflects the stance of the Developers based on a response in a Q&A held in late-Draenor. Having to play the game to gear a character is the desired process, without being able to ‘pay to gain and advantage in overall power level’. I’m struggling to find a specific source for this at the moment, but if anyone remembers that I would appreciate a link in the comments below!

BregVids however laments that it’s too little too late:

They messed up 7.3 professions so this is them trying to rectify it… nobody uses their primal sargerite because there is basically nothing to use it on. Cutting gems with it would have been great (as I suggested in my last video). But they won’t fix, instead they just add another annoying vendor which will drop the price of mats even further… silly blizzard! I love the idea of adding all new profession stuff halfway through the expansion, it’s just a shame they did a half-hearted job with it

Breg explains further in his most recent video, The Great Gem Crisis of 7.3:

“Passive Income” in World of Warcraft is usually never something that is genuinely passive, there’s no such thing as high yielding stock dividends or savings accounts with big interest rates in Azeroth. There are some things however that require some amount of initial setup and/or minimal maintenance to generate some gold for your coffers.

The Garrison in Warlords of Draenor was, and somewhat still is, a prime example of that. The gold generated by Garrison missions was very lucrative, especially when scaled across multiple characters. This was hotfixed though (too late to make much of a difference), so raw gold is not the primary objective when heading back to Draenor.

There’s usually a discussion around the Garrison every patch to see if there is anything new to min/max, but there has not been any changes recently, /u/Mustafa12332111 asks the question this time around:

I wanted to maximize my old garrison to turn some profit and not let it go stale. I have a JC/Salvage/Inscription on one toon. JC/Ench/Salvage on another. I could get Primal Spirit, Apexis Crystal, Taladite Crystal but don’t know what to convert those to.

/u/mada98 one of the trusted goblins in the community shares some insight for minimal maintenance:

EnchantingGift enchants sell really well. I sell almost as many gift enchants per day as I do chaos crystal enchants. This is not really tied to garrison though as temporal crystals aren’t soulbound.
Jewelcrafting– 640 rings and neck sell ok. Sold a Taladite Amplifier about a week and a half ago so made another one yesterday. Unsure on the demand but if people are buying the jewelry, which isn’t used for transmog, they should be interested in the upgrade, I guess.
Inscription– You can make two staves, these sell as well. Haven’t tried the wand. Considering making darkmoon cards for the trinkets which definitely sell but haven’t really looked into it.
This is basically, do daily cooldown, check garrison 1-2 times a week. I have a ton of ore and herbs so if I ever come across a trader I might ramp up production a bit. This is not a lot of gold but it’s very simple and only a couple minutes a day.

To maximise maintenance, let’s take a look at a deep dive from /u/Moonkyng from early Legion:

Despite all the nerfs, each garrison still holds to ~30k/month when optimized. I even did all my math as 1month=28days, so there’s a nice 2-3day buffer of extra profit per calendar month that makes my numbers generously rounded down.
The numbers below are purely from the garrison and do not include profession cooldowns.
Note: You do not need the accompanying professions for Alchemy or Inscription buildings. However, the Tailoring hut obviously requires the profession to make bags and will produce another 6 bags per month from the daily cooldown if you want to include that in your numbers.

  • Alchemy Hut (level l3 w/follower) making 42 Work Orders/week+ ~50% more (63 total) from rush order missions. This makes 201.6 /month if you have a single alchemist on that realm, otherwise just sell the catalysts on AH. (21g22s vendor) 4278g
  • Scribe Hut (level 3 w/follower) making 42 WO/week+ ~50% more (63 total) from rush order missions. This makes 2016 Card of Omens/month (4g63s flip or often more on my realms’ AH) 9334g
  • Tailoring Hut (level 3 w/follower) making 42 WO/week+ ~50% more (63 total) from rush order missions. This makes 1008 Hexweave Cloth ~= 10 Hexweave Bag (950g assumption) 9500g (16 bags total when adding profession daily cooldown)
  • A Tavern/Inn (level 3) plus a full team of Extreme Scavengers(sometimes plus Scavenger) will net you ~46,000 Garrison Resources per month. Your garrison cache gets you 500 every 3.5 days, so that’s another 4,000 per month for 50k total.
  • Trading Post (level 1) The 50k resources gets you 3125 mats with 16:1 trader (generally will be Sumptuous Fur). They can be used for bags or sold on AH (1g70s average) 5312g
  • Missions + Naval Missions get you 1500+ Primal Spirits/month (25 Primal Spirit=Savage Blood=50g turn-in) 3000g
  • Naval Missions get you ~55 Baleful armor pieces/month (vendor or DE for ~8 Dust each) 450g

That’s 31,874g total per optimized garrison, which translates to 27,599g profit after my realms’ average costs for the respective Frostweed, Fur, True Iron, Sorcerous Earth & milled Herbs.

Most notably, the value of the Hexweave Bag has significantly increased on the majority of realms considering it is a) cheaper to craft than Imbued Silkweave Bag and b) has just as many bag slots.

So how has this translated to Legion Class Order Halls?

Naturally the extent of gold making has been toned down considerably, but it can still be a lucrative method after some initial setup.

/u/Wunderbolt suggests using specific classes:

Free auto-complete world quests (Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Warlocks and Warriors have this option in the research tree) the pvp quests, since there’s usually at least one gold quest reward, and levelling up pvp gives you AP or gold.

/u/Jonalngo is optimised even outside of the game

You can manage these through the legion companion app on your smartphone during downtime at work or while riding the train. You can make around 150k per month on 5 characters using this.
Biggest drawbacks are the initial setup time of the champions and the ongoing need for some order hall resources either from BoS or a few WQs (which are obviously not passive). For me, I have a follower assigned with OR items and I do the nightfallen emissary about once a week for the fox mount farm on all my alts and that is about enough to keep them with enough OR to do the gold missions.

Uldaman Farming Results
/u/P0R0WL started a 1,000 Uldaman run challenge. There is a lot of desirable transmog and items that drop in this dungeon and their first 66 runs have been quite successful!

Prices are for US-Sargeras and may be subject for change. Also I don’t expect everything to sell for the price it’s listed at and for anyone hunting it can be a long time before a collector comes around to buy these items. Remember Transmog sales are just as RNG as the drops sometimes…

Here’s what I got:

Also I got about 7-8 Greens per run which means I got about 462-528 (7 x 66 = 462 8 x 66 = 528) 200 Got Disenchanted.
LootAppraiser appraised the loot beyond what I believe the greens to be worth, I’d say if (the if is very important here) everything sells (DE mats, Greens) I will net 150,000G~. I also sold about 5,000g worth of Silk and Magewave Cloth So far.

With the Value of the Rares, Greens and DE mats if (again very important if) everything sells I would net 418,000g Minimum (263,000g (Rares) + 150,000g (Greens+ DE Mats) + 5,000g (Silk & Magewave Cloth))

Their video goes in to more detail on the run and loot so far:

Proving Ground Teleport Hotfix
One of the popular techniques to speed up dungeon farming was with the Proving Grounds in Draenor. The method involved entering the Proving Grounds scenario, then going to your dungeon of choice while the scenario was still active. Using the ‘Teleport to Dungeon’ then ‘Teleport out of Dungeon’ options would transport your character back to the entrance of the dungeon you were farming via the Proving Grounds. Unfortunately this was (so far silently) hotfixed, rendering it unusable and increasing dungeon farming times. Farming extraordinaire StudenAlbatroz explains:

/u/theyorkdork made an oopsie this week and vented some frustrations:

This one is basically for me to vent and see if I’m the only one who’s made this mistake. I was scouring the AH trying to find some sweet deals when I accidentally clicked too fast and ….bought something useless for…..75k.
Has anybody ever made this big of an oopsies and blew half a WoW token?

What followed was an outpouring of rookie mistakes, AH mishaps and goblin errors. I share these not to mock or laugh at the commenters, but to encourage the mindset that these are learning experiences and not always exclusively negative things. Stuff like this will and does happen to all kinds of gold makers, what’s important is being able to carry on and recover.

/u/prisbear took some time away:

Not logging in for a month and losing over 1000 transmog items in my mail

I’ve done this a number of times. Thankfully I was able to contact support and have my deleted mail restored. This can be done as long as you send in a ticket within 30 days, the sooner the better. But this is not something to rely on, so make sure your mailboxes are not being used for long term storage.

/u/thekezz had the wrong item selected:

bought crispy bacon in bulk instead of slice of bacon

Whether this was some incorrect addon setup, or just some manual mistake – it’s always important to double check what you or your addon is doing.

/u/Wolvendemise started sniping:

First day sniping spent 34k of my starting 50k on demonsteel armor cus they were selling for 1k and tsm said it was a good deal. When I tried turning them the crafter kept undercutting me. Ended up losing a ton of money.

A very valuable lesson to be learnt while sniping. Always understand the source of an item. If you’re buying up some crafted gear then whoever is crafting is more than likely just going to make more.

/u/James7995 cashed out:

Bought about 2 million golds worth of Elixir of the Rapid Mind during the first winters veil in Draenor, each one I bought was about 2.5k-3.5k, I was just constantly scanning the AH for them and buying in that threshold.

Couldn’t keep up with the amount being posted and soon ran out of gold and the prices kept dropping.

Panicked and sold all of them at around 2k-2.5k each, lost quite a bit of gold, if I had waited with them for a couple months I would have made a fortune, the price raised to around 8k-10k each…

This story is somewhat similar to my own personal biggest mistake, however at the time I wouldn’t have considered it as such. When I transferred from my low population server to a very high population server, I brought 200 of the same Elixir of the Rapid Mind with me to sell as seed money and begin my gold making. I was buying them for between 1-2k gold and I sold all of them for 5-7k gold. As I said this was great at the time, a big profit and a great start to investing in my gold making strategies on my new server.

If only I had kept them, hindsight is 20/20!

What’s been the worst mistake you’ve ever made as a gold maker? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord server. You can also catch me streaming live on Twitch every Tuesday and Saturday from 5PM UK (12 Noon US Eastern) and Thursdays from 10AM UK (5AM US Eastern) answering gold making and TradeSkillMaster questions, or you can tweet your feedback/thoughts via Twitter at @GumdropsEU

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