Wrath of the Lich King 8K Upscaled Intro Cinematic


So, here we are after the original intro cinematic, at what is likely most players’ favorite in the entire series – the Wrath of the Lich King intro cinematic. From introducing us to Sindragosa, to being basically our first real look at what the hell Arthas has been doing up in Northrend since the Frozen Throne, this is the first WoW cinematic that introduced a bit of story and coherence, with the Vanilla and BC ones being mostly clip show of cool stuff. The expansion itself doubled down on that with a bigger focus on narrative and especially with a bigger focus on the main villain of the expansion throughout every zone and many, many quests (which Blizz will hopefully replicate in Shadowlands) and also brought us the first in-game cinematic as well, with Wrathgate (which was also recently remastered). In any case, here’s Upscale’s AI 8K remaster:


There’s been a lot of Blizzard cinematic remastering, both of the AI upscaling variety and IKedit’s massive machinima-like remakes, so if you want more you can check all those out below.



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