WWE 2K19: Every Confirmed Wrestler On The Roster

The first week of WWE 2K19 roster reveals has come and gone. In a recent video from publisher 2K, WWE superstars Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Rusev, and Lana revealed over 70 superstars for the upcoming October game. They all discussed the playable wrestlers on the new roster while Rusev joked about the table they were sitting at–which he said his grandfather made from the forests of Bulgaria, a point made numerous times during the 40-minute presentation. You can learn everyone that was revealed in the most recent batch of announcements by clicking the August 30 link below.

Fans of both Daniel Bryan are going to be very happy as 2K is bringing back Showcase Mode for WWE 2K19, which follows the career of the superstar. From his first match as Bryan Danielson to his feuds with The Miz, it will be covered in the upcoming game. One of the selling points for WWE 2K series is the gigantic roster, which WWE 2K19 will have. This year’s edition will undoubtedly have a plethora of superstars to choose from when the game releases on October 9, 2018. Last year’s WWE 2K18 ended up with over 180 wrestlers–the largest in the history of the series–and while 2K isn’t boasting this year’s edition will topple that, yet, it should still be more than any player can handle.

It’s early, and there still aren’t specific details about gameplay, aside from the Million Dollar Challenge, which takes place within a yet to be announced new mode in 2K19. However, there have already been a few announcements for characters on the roster, including cover star AJ Styles and pre-order bonus characters Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterio. Additionally, the $130 Wooooo! Edition of the game has been announced which comes with a bunch of exclusives including a season pass, exclusive roster additions, a piece of Ric Flair’s robe, early access to play, and more.

This year’s edition will be skipping Nintendo Switch, after last year’s port featured a bevy of problems from frame rate issues to resolution dropping down to 540p, even in docked mode. However, the game will still be released in early October for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you’re interested in pre-ordering WWE 2K19, check out our pre-order guide, with all the info about what each edition contains, where to buy it, and pricing.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll keep you updated with all the newly confirmed superstars in the game, as well as a breakdown of which shows these wrestlers are from and how many new additions will be playable. You can find links to the latest updates below as well.

Confirmed playable characters breakdown (so far):

  • Total wrestlers: 88
  • New to the series: 18
  • Raw superstars: 51
  • Smackdown superstars: 8
  • Legends: 7
  • NXT superstars: 20
  • 205 Live: superstars: 0
  • Men’s division: 70
  • Women’s division: 18

Jump ahead to the latest updates:

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