You can download a demo of Valkyria Chronicles 4 now for consoles

Sega has released a playable Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo for PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One ahead of the game’s release this September.

The teaser can be downloaded from today and also coincides with digital pre-orders for the tactical RPG sequel, and includes around two hours of gameplay taken from Valkyria Chronicles 4’s prologue through to the second chapter.

The best part? Any progress you make during the demo will be carried over to the full version of the game. 

If that wasn’t enough, pre-orders for the game will net you the ‘A Captainless Squad’ downloadable mission, and can also be purchased separately after the game launches later this year.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is pencilled in for a September 25 release, and is the first major entry in the series since 2008 not to be released exclusively on a portable console.

While still sticking to the same tactical-based shenanigans of previous instalments, which marries third-person combat with turn-based strategy elements, Valkyria Chronicles 4 does attempt to spice things up a bit with some new mechanics.

Chiefly, there’s a new Grenadier class strutting their stuff in the lineup of unit types, while the Brace function gives a massive boost to your grunts after one of you team ends is either seriously wounded or ends up brown bread on the battlefield.

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