You’ll Never Guess! – Board Game

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You’ll Never Guess!…or will you? In this board game you will stimulate your brain, challenge your skills of deduction, and have fun trying to guess what players are up to! The Presenter reads out a question like ‘Where Am I?’. It could be Dallas, France, Hawaii or somewhere else. So how will you figure out where they’re pretending to be? By asking them your own questions to narrow down the possibilities. You could ask: ‘Would I take a plane to get there?’, ‘Is it a city?’, ‘Does it have cold winters?’, or anything else you can think of. You decide what to ask. You may also get to roll for a Letter Clue before an opponent starts posing their own questions in the race to find the answer. Someone in another round might ask you to guess what they’re supposed to be ‘wearing’, ‘eating’, ‘holding’, ‘doing’ and much more. Great for party and game night!Have fun trying to guess what players are up to!
A lively and highly social board game that is perfect for any Game Night. Family Game Too!
Make up your own questions to guess what someone is pretending to be, or where they are, and much more…
Includes: 320 Question Rounds on 160 Game Cards, Large Gameboard, Game Pieces, Dice, Chip Tokens, Instructions
For 2 or More Players/Teams. Ages 14 to Adult.


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