YouTube removes analytics from its demographic data reports for creators

With the latest round of updates to its Demographic Data report, YouTube is limiting the amount of data it shows creators.

Going forward, creators can no longer filter viewer demographics data by Translation Use or YouTube products — data for YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming now will all be aggregated. (YouTube says these filters will still be available in its Watch Time reports.)

Also, demographic data will no longer be available for private or unlisted videos, and some videos and channels.

“You may not see demographic data if your public video or channel has limited traffic during the selected time period,” says YouTube in the announcement in the YouTube Help Forum. YouTube says creators may be able to get the data by extending the time period in the report, or if traffic increases.

Creators will still have access to demographic data for their unlisted videos if those videos are ads from the AdWords for Video reports.

YouTube says the changes to its analytics demographic report is aimed at protecting the privacy of viewers, adding the following cryptic comment: “You may see less data in the report than before, but keep in mind that this data is only useful to you if a meaningful number of people watched your content.”

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